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I'm the Director of Data Science at 98point6. We enable patients to seek medical care 24/7 by texting doctors in our app. My team uses machine learning to streamline the experience for our doctors.

You might also know me from

  • PhD in making typing easier for people with disabilities
  • Making it easier to type on your phone at Swype and Nuance
  • Predicting the outcome of eSports matches with machine learning
  • Predicting how much power will be available to scientists on the Mars Express spacecraft
  • Treating charging electric cars as a distributed battery to enable more renewable energy

Tech keywords: language modeling, machine learning, natural language processing, human-computer interaction


Hiking, tennis, running, ping pong, coffee, beer, making bread, baking, reading sci-fi/fantasy, watching anime, making people laugh, and learning as much as I can

How to pronounce my last name

Pretend there's an 'i' in there as in "Trinka".

Why have a webpage?

For hosting free copies of my publications and to serve as a link hub to all the other sites.