Keith Trnka, PhD

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  • Tech keywords: language modeling, machine learning, human-computer interaction
  • PhD in making typing easier for people with disabilities
  • Then moved to Boston to make it easier to type on your phone at Swype
  • Then acquired by Nuance and kept improving typing on mobile phones, not just Swype but also many builtin phone keyboards
  • Then some adventures: imitating Nielsen's ratings from torrent info, social polling app, predicting esports matches, and predicting how much power is available for science on a spacecraft
  • Now working on easier doctor's visits through your phone at 98point6


Hiking, tennis, running, ping pong, coffee, beer, making bread, reading sci-fi/fantasy, watching anime, making people laugh, and learning as much as I can

How to pronounce my last name

Pretend there's an 'i' in there as in "Trinka".

Why have a webpage?

For hosting free pdfs of my publications/presentations, especially so that Google Scholar always has free versions available.