Keep Your U

Vote No for the Kansas Union Revitalization Referendum!

7 Reasons to Vote No April 12 and 13

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Lack of Transparency & Misleading Data

Redo Your U's plan is not transparent, and they engage in unethical practices.

Current Infrastructure

1) Enrollment is Decreasing at KU over a 15 year trend, so current studying spaces are adequate

2) KU has recently invested heavily into new student-oriented infrastructure that is also good to show off to prospective students, namely the new Burge Union and the DeBruce Center.

3) Many of the new upgrades are unnecessary because they are too expensive for many students right now, and enrollment is decreasing over the long term.


1) The University of Kansas already has the highest combined tuition and fees out of any of the Kansas Board of Regents Schools, and KU is expecting more tuition and fee increases without this additional expense.

2) None of the project is privately financed outright, and this Union update is the most expensive update out of any of the major student union renovations at KBoR schools.

3) KU is currently charging $59.70 for Union fees, the new $50 fee would almost double the costs we are currently paying. This fee would last from 2019 – 2048, 30 years, meaning that by the time that the renovated union is paid off, it will need to be renovated again!