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Faculty Dialogues

Plan B...What Do I Do Now? (March 24, 2020)

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Supporting Students Well-Being (and Your Own) (April 7, 2020)

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Share Your Story for Thriving

We know that many of you already have stories of exceptional student resilience, stories of new strategies you've implored that could help other instructors, and stories of great teaching & learning during times of change. We kindly invite you to share those stories with us and the Park community (select the "CLICK HERE" button below). All submissions will be entered in a raffle to receive a gift at the end of the semester, and your story may be featured in the next "Keeping Connected" issue!

Faculty Stories - Thriving in Uncertain Times

Park University instructor, Jennifer Whitely, shares an example of how to thrive in this 1-minute video on how she maintains asynchronous office hours for her math courses. She shares, "For time management (on both my end and the student's end), I created an 'Asynchronous Office Hours' discussion board. Students can post their questions and then I respond within 24 hours with a quick whiteboard video giving step-by-step solution using Zoom. These videos are embedded within the discussion board so students can easily watch the videos, pause, and rewind as they solve their own similar HW problems....the students have already taken full advantage in the first week and have given positive feedback on this method of instruction." Check out Jennifer's strategy in the video below, and thanks so much for sharing Jennifer - you are awesome!

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