How To ...

How to successfully implement Keep Talking in the 10th grade in 2018/2019

Prior to September 2018

  1. Register your school on the Registration page.
  2. Timetable one hour, per 10th grade class, per week, for 30 weeks, for immediate implementation in the first week of September.
  3. Ensure you have a teacher for each class. See the FAQ's page for information about who can teach this program.
  4. If you are participating in the program for the first time order books for your classes from the תשע"ח budget. Go to the Approved Books page to see how.
  5. Adapt the School reporting Google spreadsheet for your school in order to record hours taught. Go to the Internal School Reporting page.
  6. Adapt the Student-Self Assessment Google Form for your school. Go to the Student Self-Assessment page.
  7. Go over the PPTs from the cluster meetings held in February and March for more speaking activiites and ideas. Go to PPTs from cluster meetings page.
  8. For Lesson plans to enrich the materials in the approved books go to the Lesson Plans page.

Implementation from September 2018

  1. In your first or second lesson ask students to complete the Student-Self Assessment Google Form in class.
  2. Teach 30 effective hours, preferably one hour per week, per class.
  3. Attend a Keep Talking workshop near you.
  4. On a weekly basis update the School Reporting spreadsheet. The English coordinator should submit this document to the person responsible for salaries on a monthly basis.
  5. Check out this website on a regular basis for updates and lesson plans.
  6. In the last, or second last lesson, asks students to complete the final Student-Self Assessment Google Form in class.
  7. Complete ministry reporting Google Forms, as required.