GMUL 2018/2019

2018/19 Collaboration between Let’s Talk / Keep Talking and ETAI

With thanks to Amal for administrating the GMUL

We are delighted to announce the possibility of getting 30 hours of credit (gmul) for participating in the English Inspectorate Keep Talk cluster meetings and some of the ETAI conferences.

Name of Course: Opening Lines of Communication

Participants of Keep Talking programs will need to attend:

One of the Opening F2F Regional Cluster meetings for Keep Talking- 4 hours

One online session -2 hours

One of the Second F2F Regional Cluster meetings for Keep Talking - 4 hours

1 mini Etai Conference (or a full day conference) 4 hours for mini - 8 hours for full day

2 day Summer Etai Conference in Ramat Rachel (The dates of this year’s conferences can be found on the ETAI website) 16 hours - the full conference is a requirement

Submit a final written task

Payment for the Gmul: The cluster meetings are free of charge. You must pay for the ETAI conferences IN ADVANCE.

To register for the GMUL please call the ETAI office:

Tel.: 02-5001844

Email -

Written Task:

Based upon what was learned about the teaching and learning of speaking in the Cluster meetings / ETAI sessions:

Create one lesson plan to be used in your 10th grade class including reflection on the lesson plan template provided.

Write a summary of one of the videos from the online lesson, and reflect on its relevance and application to your ‘Keep Talking’ lessons. (200-400 words)

Final Task Due date - 20 June, 2019 (Participants must make sure to sign in and out of the conferences they attend in order to receive credit)