iPad Apps

iPads are a powerful tool in the classroom. The accessibility features built into the iPad support students with learning difficulties. When using iPads in the classroom students are encouraged to use applications of their own choice to complete tasks.

App Smashing with Clicker Docs

Clicker Docs

Clicker Docs is an amazing app for helping struggling writers. It also offers great Google Drive integration

Book Creator

Book Creator works on any device with a Chrome browser. Students love creating books in Book Creator to show their understanding of a range of classroom topics. When complete, books can be exported as an ePub, PDF, video or published online. The ability to export in a variety of ways is a big plus to Book Creator, making Book Creator a must have app for the classroom. It is easy to use making in appropriate for students from kindergarten to year 12! Click on the left to view my published book that includes some of the main features.

So Many Features!

Its easy to forget how many features are available in Book Creator. Here is an infopic to remind teachers of some of the features. When you import a Google Doc or Google Slide, it converts it to a PDF document.

Class Dojo

Class Dojo has always been great for tracking student behaviour and encouraging students to display positive behaviours. The Class Dojo app continues to improve by adding features such as the toolkit, which gives teachers access to a range of tools to use in the classroom.

Class Dojo Stories

Stories allow teachers to post updates to parents within the class or to the whole school.