Google Classroom

Connected with Classroom

Google Classroom is a learning platform that aims to simplify the classroom workflow by allowing the teacher to distribute, receive and grade assignments in a paperless way. Originally Google Classroom was only available to schools using G Suite, however it is now open to all users. Have you considered using Google Classroom to run professional development with teachers?

There are numerous ways to assign tasks in Google Classroom. When using the 'Create Assignment' option, teachers have three different options when attaching files for students to work with.

When items are create or shared with the Google Classroom environment, Google Drive automatically creates a folder in the users Google Drive entitled 'Classroom'. This is where all files are stored, for both teachers and students.

Many schools use multiple online learning platforms. This info pic is designed for teachers and students. It guides users on how to publish work to Seesaw from Google Drive when the files are also connected to Google Classroom. Seesaw also has the add file option within the app that allows students to upload a PDF version of their work directly from Google Drive.