Explain Everything

Explain Everything is a powerful application that works on multiple devices including iOS and Chrome Books. It is the app that I cannot live without in my classroom as it allows students to demonstrate their understanding in a wide variety of ways.

Using Google drive within Explain Everything can be a powerful tool for students as it also allows teachers to create a 'Teacher Share' folder and share the folder with students. In my class I have a range of resources in the 'Miss Keenan's Shares' folder including images and Explain Everything projects. On the info pics page there is also a info pic that explains this process.

I often create projects for my students to edit and add their own ideas. This is useful when scaffolding tasks for students - for example providing the students with visual manipulates such as number lines or ten frames to solve addition problems. Students can then add their voice and draw within the project to demonstrate how they solve problems.

Projects created in Explain Everything can be easily exported to a number of different learning platforms including Google Classroom

Explain Everything Projects

I use Explain Everything Projects a lot in my classroom. I save the projects to Miss Keenan shares on Google Drive so my students can easily access the projects I want them to complete. I share the folder with my students at the start of each year and anything I want to share with my students goes in that folder. That way I only share once and items are easy for students to find!