KDD Workshop on Machine Learning in Finance

Long Beach, CA

Long Beach Convention Center

August 7, 2023 


The financial industry leverages machine learning in more ways than just finding the right alpha signal. It grapples with supply chains, business processes, marketing, churn, fraud and money laundering, all while maintaining compliance with the various regulatory frameworks it is beholden to.

Due to the sheer volume of wealth being handled by the financial industry and its ubiquitous role in everyday life, it has been a lucrative target for a wide spectrum of ever-evolving bad actors. With each successive iteration of this workshop, we have attempted to capture the breadth of these actors - fraudsters, money launderers, market manipulators and potentially nation-state level risks.

With the advent of generative multimodal AI, the fusion of signals from conventional tabular datasets, time-series, free-text articles and earnings reports, images and networks, has de-siloed decision making to an unprecedented degree. This deluge of actionable information combined with easily available high performance commodity resources has significantly lowered the entry-barrier to using it in industry applications. We wish to explore the interplay of this breaking technology with an ever-evolving regulatory landscape.

Decentralized finance (DeFi) has launched the fintech industry into Web 3.0, gained mainstream recognition and due skepticism. Along with this step-function change come several advantages of anonymity, speed and decoupling from fiat currency, but it is also laden with extreme risks and potential for criminal activity in a highly unregulated space. Through this workshop, we would like to continue to explore the applications of machine learning in this rapidly evolving domain decoupled from the hype-cycle.

The purpose of this workshop is to bring together researchers and practitioners to discuss both the problems faced by the financial industry and potential solutions. We plan to invite regular papers, positional papers and extended abstracts of work in progress. We will also encourage short papers from financial industry practitioners that introduce domain specific problems and challenges to academic researchers. This event will be the fifth in a sequence of finance related workshops we have organized at KDD. The first workshop was held at KDD 2017, the second workshop at KDD 2019, the third workshop at KDD 2020 and the fourth workshop at KDD 2021.


Call for Papers

We invite papers on machine learning and AI with applications to the financial industry. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following:

We also invite tutorials and introductory papers to bridge the gap between academia and the financial industry:

Overview of Industry Challenges

Algorithmic Tutorials

Submission Guidelines

All submissions must be PDFs formatted in the Standard ACM Conference Proceedings Template. Submissions are limited to 8 content pages or less, including all figures and tables but excluding references.  All accepted papers will be presented as posters and some would be selected for oral presentations, depending on schedule constraints. Accepted papers will be posted on the workshop website.

Following the KDD conference submission policy, reviews are double-blind, and author names and affiliations should NOT be listed.

Papers should be submitted on the submission portal by May 27, 2022 11:59 PM Pacific Time 


Key Dates