Hello, I am Michael, and a Amateur Radio Operator that specializes in Mobile QRP CW (Mobile Reduced Power Morse Code), RTTY, and Satellite Communications. You can usually find me on the 40m, 20m and 2m bands.

Equipment is simple, yet effective: A Battery powered QRP Rig, an EFHW (End Fed) Antenna, and a J-38 or Iambic Morse Key.

The concept behind QRP is: Transmit with minimal power, while gaining maximum results.

Memberships: SKCC# 19850, FISTS#19466, NAQCC# 10031

Equipment Links:

  • Bioenno Power: www.bioennopower.com/ - LiFePO Batteries and other portable power solutions.
  • Chameleon Antennas: chameleonantenna.com/ - Mil-Spec, durable antennas that perform.
  • J-Pole Antennas: www.jpole-antenna.com/ - VHF/UHF Antennas for Amateur Radio, Public Safety, Business, Scanning, and Broadcast
  • QRP-Labs: qrp-labs.com/ - Home of the QCX mono-band CW transceiver, and soon, the QSX a multi-mode, multi-band transceiver.
  • QRP Guys: qrpguys.com/ - Home of QRP Guys.
  • SOTABeams: www.sotabeams.co.uk/ - Encouragement, support and facilitation of all radio amateurs.
  • Vibroplex: www.vibroplex.com/ - The oldest continuously operating business in Amateur Radio.
  • Spiderbeam: www.spiderbeam.com/ - It is our goal to make your luggage light and your signals strong!
  • Xiegu: www.cqxiegu.com/ - A new Chinese startup that offers the G90 HF radio.
  • Ham Radio Outlet - www.hamradio.com/ - The largest Ham Radio dealership in the world.
  • MFJ - www.mfjenterprises.com/ - The World Leader in ham radio accessories, equipment, and service.
  • eBay: www.ebay.com - eBay is a great place to find vintage radio gear, like the J-38 Morse Key.

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