Volunteer with Us!

You can sign up by clicking HERE and Jeana will contact you about volunteering!

non-event volunteering

The Depot can always use volunteers. We need help sorting supplies and shelving supplies during normal hours, please contact Jeana at the Depot to see times available.

Evening Volunteering

Can't make it during the daytime hours? We are now offering evening volunteer time on designated Wednesdays or Thursdays from 4-7 PM. please contact Jeana if interested in volunteering during that time.

Depot Day Volunteering

On Depot Day, volunteers are a necessity. If you are willing, please come and help us. You will be provided a vest so that people can see that you are a volunteer. You will be stationed at a spot and are to govern that area as you are instructed. Some spots are mainly just to monitor that someone is adhering to the limits set on high valued items, others are utilized to load boxes or items, and others are there to provide assistance to impaired or disabled individuals. We have a variety of jobs, so we can definitely find something for you to do if you volunteer.

Please park in the upper area noted.

Volunteers are asked to arrive 20 minutes before opening time. If you are a teacher who is planning to volunteer, please contact Jeana for further information.

HIGH School Students

We do qualify as an appropriate volunteer opportunity for the Tennessee Promise. With working 2 Saturdays with us, you can have your time in before noon and still have the rest of your day to play!

Many schools like to see volunteer hours as part of your application, we can provide you that documentation too! Feel free to sign up at the top of the page!