King's College Technology Evaluation Centre

We provide evaluation services of innovative medical technologies (including devices and diagnostics) to help the NHS adopt efficient and cost effective medical devices and diagnostics more rapidly and consistentlyly.

Health Technology Assessment Services

We offer a full HTA service delivered by our highly experienced team of health technology assessors, health economists, literature review analysts, medical statisticians, and clinical consultants. This "one-team" approach delivers quality, consistency, and efficiency for our clients.

HTA is the bridge between evidence and policy-making, providing a range of stakeholders with evidence-based information to guide decisions around the efficient allocation of resources. An HTA report assesses the product’s clinical and economic value relative to current clinical practice, including where a product is deemed to provide sufficient incremental value at an acceptable price to justify its use by the health service.

In many key markets, gaining approval by national reimbursement, pricing, or HTA agencies is critical to the commercial success of a new product launch.