2018 Season

Welcome to the 2018 KCE Taumarunui Netball Centre season.

Some General Information and Important Dates

  • Premier Grade this year will NOT play an opening day but will start on Wednesday, 28th of March 2018. With Finals on Wednesday (TBC).
  • Primary, Senior A and Senior B will NOT have Opening Day on Saturday 7th April 2018. Saturday 6th May, 2017 will be the start of Round One for all Saturday Netball teams.
  • Premier Grade will play through the June/July school holidays.
  • Primary, Senior A and Senior B will play the first Saturday of the school holidays but NOT the middle weekend or last weekend.
  • There will be NO games played on Queen's Birthday Weekend
  • All Teams will have quarters, semis and finals. Finals will be on Saturday 11th July 2018
  • Premier Grade umpires are required to have at least their local badge, if you have an umpire with a local theory this person will have to be approved by the umpire co-ordinator. Thorough checks will done on as to who Premier teams register as their umpires. All Premier Grade umpires are to be in white, with suitable footwear and hair tied back.

Full payment of fees, full registrations and transfer forms are due by 21st March 2018

Premier teams - the first night of Premier play (before your game)

All other teams - Opening Day (before the first round)