KCAD Printer Setup


Use these instructions for gaining access to KCAD printers from your laptop


Is located between rooms 707 an 708

Follow the instruction on this web page: Printers (all) Installation on your laptops

Mucha, Miro & DIOR

Are located in the open labs

  1. On the https://www.ricoh-usa.co/en/support-and-download page in the ‘Search for downloads’ box: type in SP C840DN.
  2. Select the Drivers link, agree to the terms, and select the PPD installer.
  3. If the PPD installer is not showing up, click ‘Choose other OS’ and pick Mac OS X, then select your version of Mac OS, and PPD installer should be there.
  4. Open up the downloaded driver and go through the steps to install it. After the drivers have installed, go to the Kendall printer installation page and go through the steps to add the printers Miro, Mucha, and Dior.