There is a wide range of televisions, Cintiqs, laptop and desktop computers at KCAD. And, they need to be able to connect with each other for various display purposes. This will help you to navigate the policies and available adapters for connecting your devices.


Students who own a computer with USB type C ports only must own a USB-C Digital Multiport Adaptor. Purchase them here.

These adaptors will also be available for check out from the DLC and your faculty in exchange for your student id or a photo id. Check out is only for a work session and must be returned after work session. If not returned you will be charged the full cost of the item.

USB-C Digital Multiport Adaptor

USB-C Adaptor, sideview
Adaptor ports

Use Case Scenario 1: MacBook Pro with Large Track Pad

New mac pro 2017 connected to 27 inch Cintiq

MacBook Pro with USB-C only ports can only connect to Cintiq 27QHD with the USB-C Digital Multiport Adaptor. Both the HDMI and the USB cable from the Cintiq must be connected.

Both plugs in adaptor

Adaptor plugged in with both USB and HDMI will work both the display and the pen.

When adaptor is plugged in with only HDMI the pen will not work - it needs the USB cord to run the pen.

swivel arm cintiq front

Front of Cintiq 27QHD - You must use this type of cintiq. The 22HD Cintiqs that are not on the arms will not work with your type of computer due to the usb-c ports.

swivel arm cintiq back

Back of Cintiq 27QHD - These are located in 707, 708, and 709 and the S.O.L.S stations. They are all mounted on the Ergotron Arms.

Use Case Scenario 2:

Student iMac Workstation with only USB-C ports

In 709 and 708 there are new iMacs which require the USB-C Digital Multiport Adaptor. These are tethered to the workstation. There is no MiniDisplay port and so these computers need the USB-C adaptor and the USB 3 cable can be plugged directly into the iMac.

Headphone, SD card slot, Usb-3, Usb-c

When you would like to sit at the student workstation where there is an iMac but want to use your laptop with the cintiq, simply unplug the cables and plug them into your machine. If you do not need the adaptor, just take the adaptor off while still keeping it connected through the daisy chain.

More questions? See the DLC staff.