709 and 708

Teacher Workstation Setup Tutorial

Cintiqs on Arms cintiq 27 qhd :

    • In 708 and 709
    • These move from left to right but please have students watch for the cords.
    • On the homepage of the DLC is info about the new adapters here is a direct link to the adapter usage page
    • Students with the new Big Track Pad Apple computers will have to use the cintiqs on arms, please ensure they are able to be at one of those workstations.

Sit Stand Tables:

    • In 709
    • You have to push these buttons 2xs to start the function
    • up arrow = up incrementally
    • down arrow = down incrementally
    • circle = stop
    • 1 dot = sitting height
    • 2 dots = shorter standing height
    • 3 dots = taller standing height
    • once you go to one of the standard settings you can go up or down as needed.
    • Please watch for fingers and other equipment like chairs, computers and cintiqs on the neighboring desk when moving the tables up and down.


    • In 709 There is a TV mounted on the wall.
    • There is a very small black remote in the clear box by the door.
    • Keep all remotes in the clear box by the door in 709.
    • page coming on the DLC with description on how to get the cintiq to mirror to the tv and the computer to mirror to the projector.

22HD Cintiqs

    • These are in 708 and 709 and the Elevator HUB
    • Students with the new macbook pros with the big track pad can not use these Cintiqs.

Cintiq Pens

    • All work on the Cintiq 22HD, the Cintiq 27QHD, and the Cintiq 16" Pro

Cintiq 16" Pro

    • This is available for check out - Student ID is required - must be checked at the end of class, not to leave the 7th floor.
    • This is a back up if one of the cintiqs is not working


More questions? See the DLC staff.