Installing a Font


It is likely at some point you will need a font that didn't come pre-installed on your system. You may want a specific font for a graphic design, or you may be working on a collaborative project with someone who had a different set of fonts installed. Fortunately, installing a font is fairly easy.


Installing a Font on a Mac

1. Find a font and download it. Dafont.com is a good resource.

Note: if you download a font, be sure to check the license and respect the creator's wishes.

2. Locate the font in your downloads folder.

Some fonts will down load as a zip file. Simply double click it to unzip it.

3. Look for a .ttf or .otf file (TrueType Format or OpenType Format), and double click it.

Tutorial Image

4. Font Book will open a preview window. Click the "Install Font" option in the lower right corner.

Tutorial Image

5. That's it! The font will be installed on your computer, and you will be able to access it with any program (Photoshop, Illustrator, Word, etc.).

Tutorial Image

Tutorial by Elise Tarsa