Production Processes

Character Animation

One Semester Project

An animation such as a narrative short, lead-in to an animation series, trailer, animated ad, info graphic or animated comic. Length should be under 1 minutes.

First Review: Project Definition

1 - 2 Sentence Log Line

  • genre
  • target audience
  • delivery system
  • objective
  • emotional connection
  • Example log line: "In this Storybook Tablet App, three road construction toys, just children themselves, come to life and help each other work through typical emotional trials and tribulations. We aim to teach kids, ages 3-6, how to understand their emotions and move past feelings like frustration and anger to feelings of joy, laughter and purpose."

List the Production method

for the imagined animation or game: such as; 2D, 3D, Stop-motion, video, (Include pixel dimensions).


Find one benchmark for each of these:

  1. Story
  2. Character style
  3. Environment style
  4. Title screen style
  5. Emotional tone

Include screenshots with links. Describe why you chose each benchmark. Reference this Wheels Benchmarks example. Model yours after the left column (with the benchmarks).


  • 5-10 sketches including characters, environments and props
  • Reference the Archetype, Conventions, Persona guide on the DLC


  • Reference this Storyboarding guide
  • Include all scenes (& a credits scene)
  • Design scenes at the correct pixel dimensions (1080 x 1920)
  • Include detailed notes for dialogue and sound

Use This Storyboard Outline

  1. Life in Balance: the world in it's normal
  2. Set up: the problem is presented
  3. Body: the problem is made worse
  4. Resolution: the problem solved, balance restored

Second Review: Design

Finished Color Layouts Of Selected Scenes

Third Review: Content Production

Finished Color Layouts Of Selected Screens Or Pages

  • Complete the art & design for remaining screens or pages - include a credits screen
  • Design scenes at the correct pixel dimensions for animation

All Art Imported & Blocked

  • Set up the scene AE compositions or Flash internal scenes
  • Place all art into the timelines
  • Block (spread) the assets along the timeline to get ready for animation

Sound Plan And Synced Audio Completed

Fourth Review: Animation & Sound Design

All Animation Completed

Add Committee Notes To Journal (Options Below)

  • Allow them to edit your document directly
  • Write your own notes based on their verbal feedback
  • Copy and paste notes from email or other correspondence
  • Include any visual image mark-ups (place them directly in the document)

Final Review: Final Pacing, Timing & Easing

Animation Completed

  • Include credits

Turn In

  • Google Slideshow that includes all deliverables listed above
  • Hi Quality H264 video