Kiran Banerjee

 Department of Political Science

 Dalhousie University

Canada Research Chair

Forced Migration & Refugee Policy

Dr. Banerjee works in the Department of Political Science, Dalhousie University, where he holds the position of Canada Research Chair in Forced Migration and Refugee Policy.

Dr. Banerjee’s research addresses global migration governance with a focus on the normative role of international institutions and domestic political actors in responding to forced displacement. As Canada Research Chair in Forced Migration and Refugee Policy, Banerjee's research focuses on developing effective policy responses to displacement at the domestic, regional, and international level. His broader research interests in political science include political theory, international ethics, science and technology, the history of political thought, international relations theory, and migration studies, as well as legal theory.

Before joining the Department of Political Science, Dr. Banerjee was a faculty member in the Department of Political Studies at the University of Saskatchewan and also a SSHRC Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the School of International and Public Affairs and Research Scholar at the Global Policy Initiative, Columbia University. Dr. Banerjee holds a Ph.D. from the Department of Political Science at the University of Toronto. He received an MA degree in Social Sciences and BA degree in Philosophy from the University of Chicago in 2006.