Kayler Landscape Biogeochemistry Lab

NSF Funded Deep Soil Ecotron Facility coming in 2025!

This 19 million dollar facility will house 24 ecounits that are up to 3m in depth. The units will be able to create environments that simulate current environmental conditions as well as impose user environmental profiles. The ecounits will be outfitted with state of the art sensor systems to monitor system responses in-situ in real time.

Go to deepsoilecotron.org to learn more, and follow @DeepSoilEcotron to keep up with all the news!

Lab News

USDA Funded PhD position (11/01/2021)

Two graduate student assistantships are available starting in the Spring, Summer, or Fall 2022 semester in the Department of Soil & Water Systems at the University of Idaho. These positions are funded through a recently awarded grant from the USDA to examine the interacting effects of multiple soil health management practices. This is an opportunity to be a part of a multi-disciplinary scientific group, working closely with stakeholders to better understand soil health and its implication to biogeochemistry and soil microbial communities.

Students will conduct research in both the field and the lab, examining how cover crop diversity, grazing, intercropping, and soil amendments interact to influence carbon and nitrogen cycling, and soil microbial community composition and function. Students will gain skills in experimental design, statistical analyses, use and analysis of stable isotopes, and next-generation sequencing approaches. Students will be co-advised by Drs. Zachary Kayler and Michael Strickland (www.stricklandlab.com) .

Stipend for these assistantships is $28K per year. Tuition and health care are also covered. If interested in this project, please contact me (zkayler@uidaho.edu) or Dr. Strickland (mstrickland@uidaho.edu) with your CV/resume, brief statement of research interests and experience (500 words), and names/contact information for 3 references.

AGU Poster_zk.pdf

AGU Fall Meeting Poster 2019

We analyzed soils from the NEON sites in Puerto Rico for soil quality and health characteristics. It was a great opportunity to compare land-use impacts on soil and a chance to detect Hurricane effects. There are many properties inherent to soils that should be considered when formulating an index.

Publication on organic matter dynamics at the landscape scale

Dr. Kayler and an international team of scholars published current hypotheses and theory on organic matter dynamics in the journal Frontiers in Earth Science.

Publication on Aspen growth in Southwest Siberia for 2020

A publication stemming from a collaborative project in Siberia. Published in Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, Dr. Félix Brédoire (now a post-doc at the University of Wyoming) led the project that focused on dendrochronolog and soil moisture modeling.