Classic, Instrumental, Surf Rock from Lawrence, Kansas

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The electrifying, awesome, and familiar sounds you remember from a different time. Twang, reverb, and fuzz with indelible melodies and driving, swinging rhythms.  Kaw Tikis deliver the guitar-driven surf rock songs from the late 1950's and early 1960's with a focus on the classic styling of the era. Take a step back in time with tunes from The Ventures, The Shadows, The Pyramids, Duane Eddy,  The Lively Ones , and the like.


Abu Garcia - Guitars

Donald Mac Ronald - Guitars

Jerry Jeff Boyardi - Bass

Gerhardt Von Gretsch - Drums

Introducing Kaw Tikis' first album of original songs!

Digital purchases at Bandcamp or CDs at our shows.

In 2018 Kaw Tikis emerged from a Kansas river sandbar with a mission to deliver high-quality guitar instrumentals with vintage flair. With their curious names, purple velour suits, “continental” ties, and a frontman who only seemed to speak in French, they arrived on the scene as Men of Mystery...


When founding member Johnny Monoprix moved on to more mature pursuits, Donald “Mac” Ronald was there to move the group forward with his handmade guitars and snappy instrumentals. They released these tunes in 2023 on their first recording, with a promise of more to come.

Check out the video single from our CD: Catwoman in Bat Cave!

Featured in the Spring 2022 issue of Lawrence Magazine

Videos from KAW TIKIS live performances (more)


Surfing With the Mummy

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