With Ms. Katz and Ms. Christiansen

Grover Cleveland High School

21-27 Himrod St. Ridgewood, NY 11385

(718) 381-9600

Focus - How can we make choices form limited resources?

Lesson 1: Scarcity & Opportunity Cost

Focus - What are the various Economic Systems used in today's world?

Lesson 2: Economic Systems

Focus - How can monthly and annual expenses be calculated?

Lesson 3 - Monthly Expenses

Focus - How can we identify the best financial institutions to do business with when it comes to saving, investing and monetary activities such as bill paying?

Lesson 4 - Banking/Investing

Focus - What are the steps for calculating simple and compound interest.

Lesson 5 - Simple and Compound Interest

Focus - What are the steps to applying for a loan and how do I calculate simple interest? The Car Loan Application

Lesson 6 - Buying A Car

Focus - How do we develop a good credit history and a high credit score?

Lesson 7 - Credit

Focus - How do we invest our money for our future retirement?

Lesson 8 - Investing

Focus - Insurance

Lesson 9 - Insurance

Focus - Scams and Theft

Lesson - 10 - Scams/Theft