Kat Dunkle has an incredible heart for women.

Testimonials:: Kat Dunkle

Kat Dunkle has an incredible heart for women. God has done amazing and awesome things in her life and she wants to inspire and encourage women to trust Him even more, like she does. I have every confidence that Kat's story and speaking will be well received by any audience. Kathy Collard Miller, popular women's conference speaker and author of 53 books including Partly Cloudy with Scattered Worries.

I have known Kathy for 10 years and she is a gifted communicator that is likable, humorous and personable in her delivery. She has spoken at the church I pastor and was involved in the leadership of the church. I highly recommend her as a special conference speaker. She will challenge, encourage and cast great vision for your people. Kathy communicates effectively through personal experience, through great faith in God, herself and others, and with optimism and humor. Pastor Dan Johnson, Westside Foursquare Church.

I count it a privilege to have Kat Dunkle as a friend. While Harvey & I pastored in Seattle she was a blessing to both of us as well as the church she attended and we pastored for six years. She was always willing to do whatever was asked of her. Kats reputation of being an asset to the congregation was told to us by the former pastor also. While we were pastoring the church in Seattle, we went through some very difficult times and she was always there with us, praying, singing, and sharing her testimony. She was also one of the first two women my late husband appointed to the church board. After my husband's passing, she continued to be a friend to me. I know that she has continued to serve the Lord wherever she is and I know God has His hand on her, guiding and directing her. I know He will bless her as she steps out in the ministry of writing and speaking, sharing with others how God has directed her path through some very difficult times. It has been a long time coming and she has remained true to the call.

Pastors Harvey & Virginia Oxner

Having Studied parapsychological experiences for over 30 years and conducting numerous tests with Kat, I find her story to be fascinating, truthful and very believable. Bruce Greyson, MD Carlson Professor University of Virginia

We have used Kat's testimony for two years in helping to bring the gospel message to homes throughout the world. This was the last message Kat received before she was revived after having been declared clinically dead. "Bring People to Me"...just as the gospel message says "go into all the world". Lorne and Rita Silverstein Go Into All the World Ministries Visit: Everyhomeforjesus.com