Karen Roth

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and Artist's Statement

I create paintings on a highly textured, rough surface as opposed to sleek and smooth in order to produce artwork that is tactile and unpolished. Imperfections that occur are left in view resulting in a rudimentary appearance. The pieces have an earthy feel to counteract the refinement of modern technology.

The process begins with plaster or modeling paste being applied to stretched canvas which is then painted, scraped and scratched repeatedly for the desired effect. There is usually a subject in mind inspired by real objects, surrounding scenes or abstract ideas and concepts. The painting takes on a life of its own as it changes and grows throughout many sessions.

My current work consists of geometric, colorful shapes set against a primarily monotone and vibrant background. I begin with my usual method of preparing a rugged field on which to portray the more delineated subject matter. In these pieces there is a sense of movement which is accomplished by balancing nonrepresentational forms in a composition of lively interaction.