Karan Ahuja

About Karan

I'm a 2nd year Ph.D. student at the Human-Computer Interaction Institute in the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University, advised by Dr. Chris Harrison and Dr. Mayank Goel. I'm the recipient of the President of India Gold Medal.

My research focuses on repurposing and augmenting sensors to revamp interactions and sensing modalities. I use my background in applied machine learning, computer vision and cognition to solve problems in various domains, including health sensing, ubiquitous computing and interaction techniques. These often manifest themselves by leading to more intuitive human-computer interactions, elevating the context awareness of environments and enhancing health monitoring techniques.


Gierad Laput, Karan Ahuja, Mayank Goel and Chris Harrison. UIST 2018.

Karan Ahuja, Rahul Islam, Varun Parashar, Kuntal Dey, Chris Harrison, Mayank Goel. Ubicomp 2018.

Anand Nayyar, Utkarsh Dwivedi, Karan Ahuja, Nitendra Rajput, Seema Nagar, Kuntal Dey. IUI 2017.

Karan Ahuja, Ruchika Banarjee, Seema Nagar, Kuntal Dey, Ferdous Barbhuiya. ICIP 2016.

Contact Information

Mailing Address:

Karan Ahuja

Carnegie Mellon University

407 South Craig Street, SCS, HCII, Room #222

Pittsburgh, PA - 15213