Race KANNAS 100K TRAIL ULTRA (Trail Ultra XLong) is a real feat!! Individual challenge, accessible to all 1300 m of total elevation gain over a 100 km course that takes participants from the village of Orehovo, along the riva Olonets (old Russian-Filnald Border before 1940), then along 13 lakes, small rivers and picturesque hills, coming back through the pine forest and finishing near beautiful Nyrkovo Lake. The KANNAS ULTRA TRAIL is well marked with 95% of it on regular forests walking paths. There will be a large, enthusiastic crowd to cheer you on you during the Trail, on Saturday, October 7th 2017. It's also run and staffed by experienced and quality individuals, so you'll get to be a part of a wonderful community. If you're looking for a true Trail race, created in the spirit of the classic 100 km, then look no further.

Also avalible 50K, 30K and 15K distances!