Welcome to 84 Steps!

Welcome to 84 Steps, the Kalamazoo Area Math and Science Center's Student Newspaper!

Eighty-four steps lead to KAMSC, the Kalamazoo Area Math and Science Center located on the fourth floor of the original Kalamazoo Central High School building. Burdened with heavy backpacks, students ascend these steps daily as part of an unofficial physical education component that balances the math, science, and computing challenges awaiting them on the top floor. The 84 steps symbolize the daily work required to benefit from the many opportunities KAMSC provides, and aptly provides the name of the KAMSC student newspaper. Mr. Michael Sinclair is our faculty advisor. Select the "Editions" tab in the menu at the top left to read current and past publications. 

School Principal: Dr. Michael Tanoff

Teacher Supervisor: Mr. Michael Sinclair

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Junior Editor: Dewen Luo-Li

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