Shadad Kalut Desert

Why should go to the kaloot(Kalut) Shahdad Desert

Gandom Beryan of Shahdad kalut is Named the warmest place on earth.

Part of the plain of Lut is its name in the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

An attractive option for deserting, especially in the fall.

One of the unique natural attractions of Iran, and one can see them in less places.

Some viewpoints of Shahdad kaloot are described as supernatural, and they are considered as a sprawling space.

Due to the Shahdad Desert Camp, it has good facilities.

There are some emotional excitements about Safari in this area.

What is kaloot or kalut?

kalut to the sandy mountains says that due to the extinction of the dominant desert, "wind" is created, creating enchanting forms and shapes.

Located 40 kilometers north-east of Shahdad, the legendary city of kaloot , whose vegetative and animal life disappears from the earth's crust. Like a large city with short and long buildings, it is considered as a fantasy city.

Kaloot Fantasy city

They say the hottest point in the desert is Shahdad Kerman, but this view is not recorded. Currently, the hottest spot on the recorded land is the Arizona Desert, which has a temperature of 63 degrees Celsius, while the temperature of Desert Shahdad shows a higher figure than this.

The length of this fantasy city is 145 kilometers and its width is 80 kilometers, which is more than 11 thousand square kilometers.

The claim is a healthy body of cattle that was lost in the lake desert in the winter of 1365. After 15 years from now, the body of the cow was found without any changes, as it was dried up by intense sunlight.

The reason for the excessive heat of the Shahdad and, in general, Lut deserts is due to the electrical attraction of the earth's crust, so that the electrical resistance is so high that there is no conversion of heat particles to electricity, so that the heat particles accumulate at the surface of such areas and the air of the region Heavily hot.

Therefore, the earth's crust has a very high electrical resistance and a high electrical resistance, and this causes the accumulation of heat particles in this area. In addition, the vast surface of the black volcanic rocks and basalt dark colors, which absorbs more solar radiation particles, It can be due to the intensity of the heat in that area.

Gandom beryan

"The hottest area of the earth"

Gandom beryan is located in the eastern shore of the Salt River in the desert area on the margin of the Lut Kerman Desert and at an area of 480 square kilometers. Gandom beryan is just 83 km from the city center. According to NASA's latest news, by studying its satellite findings, the name of the Gandom beryan has topped the list of warmest parts of the world.

Studies in this area show that because of the severity of the air, even bacteria can not grow there, and this point of the earth is completely devoid of life.

Especially in the summer when the temperature reaches 71 ° C, daily presence at this point of the Earth is impossible and only in the winter and early spring can be seen this burned plain.

A 105-kilometer drive from Kerman to East and then Northeast will bring us to the historic city and spectacular views of the desert of Shahdad. There is a long tunnel on the road of Kerman to Shahdad linking the two tropical parts of Kerman and the Syarh hill. This tunnel is the longest road tunnel in Iran. The weather on both sides of the tunnel, especially in summer, is completely different.