NOTICE: I am currently in the middle of updating my book covers, so some books may not be fully up to date with the current cover shown.
The stories, however, are the same regardless.

About Nihilian Effect

Nihilian Effect is a science fantasy book saga, the product of influence from many great science fiction and fantasy books, movies, and videogames.

The current books center around a post apocalyptic era during which magic and technology were lost. Civilizations become secluded, while trade and advancement have come to a standstill. Each story follows characters that play major parts in events that will bring the world out of darkness.

Upcoming Book Progress

About the reading order

All of the books in Nihilian Effect are intended to be read as standalones set within the same world, but Casting Rights does contain minor content related to Naming the Bane and Branding of a Heretic. As such, you may want to read those two before Casting Rights, but it is not necessary. All others can be read in any order.

The chronological order currently stands at:
Apotheon: Fortune,  When Swords Fall,  Waning Hope,  Naming the Bane,  Pyrem Down,  Branding of a Heretic,  Casting Rights.


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When Swords Fall

A standalone FANTASY short story set in the world of Nihilian Effect.

Ray works a boring, dead-end job, that is until a god shows up and invites Ray for a drink, with the intent to change his life ... and maybe start a war. The gods have always demanded peace, but it cannot last forever. 

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Apotheon: Fortune

A standalone SCIENCE FANTASY short story set in the world of Nihilian Effect, Apotheon will be a set of stories focused on the gods.

After obtaining an object of mystical power, Gilla is determined to use it to heal her family and friends, but playing with things that belong to the gods can have unexpected consequences.

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Pyrem Down

A standalone SCIENCE FANTASY short story set in the world of Nihilian Effect.

Allyssia Nix is a professor at the House of Pyrem, the floating institution for advanced magic. When magic vanishes, Allyssia is certain that her experiments are not to blame. Almost certain. When the community begins asking questions, can Allyssia find the cause before Pyrem falls apart completely? 

Waning Hope

A standalone SCIENCE FICTION short story set in the world of Nihilian Effect.

Space is cold and lonely. You have to protect those around you.

When calamity befalls the Hope Moon Base, tensions rise between the members of the crew. Martin has to do everything he can to save his team, even if it costs him his career. After all, the base may just be the one thing keeping the nations of the world at peace. 

Naming the Bane

A standalone FANTASY DYSTOPIAN story set in the world of Nihilian Effect.

Cursed from birth, Daggis travels with a caravan of misfits and outcasts, fleeing a goddess hellbent on their destruction. He does what he can to protect his family, but when the caravan is raided by the goddess's army, one man can only do so much. 

Casting Rights

A standalone SCIENCE FICTION story set in the world of Nihilian Effect.

In an era where magic has been reduced to common apps in cybernetic implants, a prank gone wrong throws James Castor into the past with an ancient magitech glove. Even with all of its power, he is unable to return to his own time and is soon caught up in the problems of the past. He travels the world to find a way home while keeping one step ahead of the men trying to collect the bounty on his head.

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Branding of a Heretic

A standalone FANTASY story set in the world of Nihilian Effect.

Claradina is a calm and collected historical scholar, that is until she stumbles upon information in a recently uncovered document that could change the world forever. With the collective Mind standing in her way, she must gain allies and bend the rules if she is ever going to expose the truth behind the history. 


Nihilian Effect Lore: Books 1-3

After a great war between gods, the world is left in turmoil. The people live in fear. Secrets shroud the truth. Events scattered across the darkness are leading to one final moment. 

Includes Branding of a Heretic, Naming the Bane, and Casting Rights