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Feature Releases

Latest Blog Post

Heart of the Cards

The fantasy card game that I have been designing for the past year is finally ... complete?!

And this is all ready just in time for NaNoWriMo!  (National Novel Writing Month) ... 

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Latest Release (Free!)

Apotheon: Fortune

After coming to possess mystical items, Gilla is determined to use them to heal her family and friends, but playing with items belonging to the gods can have unexpected consequences. 

Audio Release

Waning Hope

Space is cold and lonely. You have to protect those around you.

When calamity befalls the Hope Moon Base, tensions rise between the members of the crew. Martin has to do everything he can to save his team, even if it costs him his career. After all, the base may just be the one thing keeping the nations of the world at peace. 

Paperback Release

Nihilian Effect Lore: Books 1-3

After a great war between gods, the world is left in turmoil. The people live in fear. Secrets shroud the truth. Events scattered across the darkness are leading to one final moment.

This paperback contains the books Branding of a Heretic, Naming the Bane, and Casting Rights.