Burn Fat and Increase Lean Muscle With HGH

Are you looking for a supplement that can boost the outcome of your work out plan? Are you tired of working yourself out in the gym and only gaining minor results? Human growth hormone (HGH) has all the solutions to your problems. HGH has been shown lately to be a magical supplement that can burn fat and increase lean muscle to give you the results you have been dreaming of.

HGH is a hormone that is normally secreted by the pituitary gland which is an endocrine gland located within the brain. The levels of the hormone fluctuate throughout the day with the highest surges occurring during the early hours of sleep. HGH levels also differ according to the rate of growth of an individual. The highest levels of HGH are observed in children and young adolescents who exhibit high rates of growth. On the other side, adults have lower levels of HGH as compared with children and adolescents. The levels of HGH also differ according to diet and exercise.

HGH stimulates the synthesis of proteins which leads to building bigger and stronger muscle fibers. HGH stimulates the delivery of amino acids, the building blocks of proteins, to the muscles. During muscular exercise, the fibers of the exercised muscles experience minor tears. These tears trigger a healing response that leads to building of bigger and stronger muscles. HGH has been shown to increase the rate of delivery of amino acids to the muscles. Moreover, it increases the rate and duration of healing of muscle fibers. Recent studies have shown that atheletes, who take HGH supplements throughout their work out programs, get bigger and stronger muscles.

HGH has a catabolic effect on the fat stores of the body. In other words, it stimulates the breakdown of fat that accumulates over different body parts. Fat catabolism has some beneficial effects that can help maximize the results of various work out plans. Burning the fat that overlies a muscle helps contouring the shape of the body. Sometimes it can take you weeks or even months to totally burn the fat that overlies some muscle groups. HGH acts synergistically with exercise to minimize the time needed to eliminate extra fat. Furthermore, fat is broken down to fatty acids which are the primary building blocks of all types of fat. Fatty acids are strong body fuels, which when burned, can yield an enormous amount of energy. Accordingly, it increases the overall energy and stamina during muscular exercise.

Human growth hormone supplements are totally safe as compared to adrenal steroids which are sometimes used to increase the lean muscle mass. Using adrenal steroids is illegal and can render you ineligible for participating in official sports competitions. On the other hand, adrenal steroids have numerous and serious side effects. Adverse effects of steroids include coronary artery disease, infertility, development of diabetes mellitus, masculinization in women, hypertension and psychiatric disorders. HGH lacks these serious side effects as it acts in harmony with all of the body's physiological pathways.