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Benefits of Membership

  • Many needlework stores across the nation provide discounts to guild members of all types.
  • Participate in community outreach programs.
  • Individual and group correspondence courses.
  • Regional and national seminars.
  • Monthly programs.
  • Sit-and-stitch with others.

Why Become a Member? Here is what our members say!

I am a member of the EGA and keep coming because I enjoy both the learning experiments and the friendships I make there. Whether we experiment we experiment with a technique or special stitches or try a stitching-related craft or learn some history, the opportunity is there to enrich my skills and knowledge.

The companionship of old and new friends is invaluable.

I wanted to be with other people who share my love of needlework.

When I first joined EGA back in 1997, I was interested in learning new techniques and exploring the world of needlework. As the years went by, I found that not only was I learning new techniques, that I was also developing new friendships with women who had the same interests.

I’m pretty self-sufficient and can learn a lot on my own, but what I like about the EGA is it has encouraged me to expand my horizons and learn new things I wouldn’t have otherwise. The best part however is I’ve made friends for life. Stitchers are the best people in the world.

Fellowship with people who love needlework, to experience new techniques and to take classes

A friend told me about the EGA. I had embroidered since childhood and completed some small doll-house sized cross stitch projects. The EGA sounded interesting and I joined in 1982. It has been interesting learning new stitches and trying new projects.

I’m a member for many reasons - to learn new and more involved techniques, to enjoy fellowship with fellow stitchers, and to make new friends who share my interest in stitching. I have learned so very much from other members. There’s always someone to answer a question and share their expertise.

I received a membership as a gift about 15 years ago. I so liked EGA Kalamazoo Chapter that I have maintained my membership. It is a wonderful opportunity for me to learn new stitches and to practice the ones I knew. The members were encouraging and so helpful in teaching new stitches and techniques. I also enjoyed the give back to the community through various projects.