Meet the SFU representatives!

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Chloe Lim (クロイ)

Major: Psychology

I love learning about the Japanese language and the culture! Every time I learn about Japan, it interests me to learn more!

Jeffery Song (ジェフリー)

Major: Computer Science

My interests in Japanese culture are Anime, TV dramas, and Jpop. I am looking forward to visiting Japan and to experience Japanese culture.

Group Leader

Gordon Lu (ゴードン)

Major: Business

Fascinated by Japan's seamless integration of long-standing traditions with hyper-modernized urban environments. Inspired by the meticulous craftsmanship of gourmet and street side food alike.

Rosabella Acero (ローザ)

Major: Education

There was always something about Japan that fascinated me. The culture and language was something I’ve studied since highschool and am very excited to use this opportunity to learn more about Japan.

Group Leader

Rachel Jung (レイチェル)

Major: Biology

I have always been interested in Japan's rapid advances of the modern, scientific and technological culture, but also fascinated by the preserved and continued traditional customs and culture.

Sharleen Kwok (シャーリン)

Major: Business

I have been learning Japanese for four years now. I am fascinated by the many dialects of the Japanese language!

Jarod Liebenberg (ジェイ)

Major: English with Business minor

More than anything, I love meeting and interacting with people; by learning Japanese, my eyes have been opened to a world of new possibilities, experiences, and incredible friendships. These interactions are what made me fall in love with the language.

Lisa Guo (リサ)

Major: Undecided

I’ve been learning Japanese for almost 5 years now and I am constantly learning more about the language and the culture. I value this experience incredibly in hopes of learning even more and share my experience to others!!

Jean-Luc Pereira (ジョンルーク)

Major: Political Science and Economics

I'm really interested in Japanese history and culture, so it's exciting to have the opportunity to experience these things firsthand through the Kakehashi project! I want to learn as much as possible about the language and people while I'm abroad.

Melanie Ng (メラニー)

Major: Linguistics

I have been interested in Japanese language and culture since I was in elementary. I believe this trip will broaden my view on Japan’s rich traditional and modern culture.

Lukas Plamondon (リリィ)

Major: Computer Science

My interests about Japan include anime, manga, language, history, and architecture. I hope to continue learning more about Japan.

David Huang (デイビット)

Major: Computer Science

First introduced to Japanese culture by watching anime shown on late night television when I was a kid, I was interested in it ever since.Some of my interests include reading manga and listening to Japanese music. I think this is a very unique opportunity and look forward to my first time visiting Japan!

Jarod Forbes (ジェレド)

Major:Computer Science

Since high school, I have been fascinated with the culture and vistas in Japan. This sparked my interest to travel to Japan in order to experience these things for real!

Jarrod Davies (ジェリー)

Major: Computer Engineering

Whether it be the rich culture, stunning scenery, or their almost future-esque, ultra modern cities. I am excited to learn and experience as much as I can about Japan in the short time we will be there.

Lucia Park (ルシア)

Major: Business

Being exposed to different kinds of people and culture is always fascinating. I wish to expand my personal boundaries by exploring Japanese culture. I am grateful for this opportunity, and am very excited to meet new people!!!

Brendan Koga (ブランダン)


I'm interested in Japanese history, culture and regional dialects. I've studied Japanese for a few years and look forward to meeting new people in Japan and in our kakehashi travel group!

Kevin Wong (ケビン)

Major: Computer Science

My interest in Japanese culture began in middle school and has only grown ever since. I'm excited to learn more about life in Japan and explore more of what makes the country unique.


Melek Ortabasi (メレック オータバシ)

Associate Professor/Director of the SFU World Literature Program

Dr. Ortabasi started studying Japanese in high school -- a long time ago. She's been hooked on Japanese literature and popular culture ever since. She's thrilled to be travelling with our SFU students and about the opportunity it brings to see Japan once again through new eyes.