Life Coaching Conversations

What does 'Kaiwa' mean?

'Kaiwah' in Japanese means 'conversations.

Coaching in any aspect of life, is all about conversations between the Life Coach and the 'Coachee'.

What is Coaching?

Coaching is a process that helps 'YOU' change the way you wish and go in the direction you want.

It is a process that unlocks a person's potential to maximize their performance in ANY walk of life.

How exactly does Coaching work?

Anyone can hire and work with a coach, if they are keen and motivated to significantly change or improve any aspect of their lives.

The Coach and Coachee have a series of 'Coaching Sessions'.

Coaching Sessions are nothing but conversations, in which the Coachee does most of the talking and the Coach does most of the 'listening'.

The Coachee outlines the current status and what he or she would like to achieve.

By asking the right kind of questions which trigger off a thought process within his client, a Coach will help the Coachee identify the specific action steps he needs to take, to achieve his outlined goals.

In subsequent sessions, the Coach reviews the Coachee's progress as regards goal accomplishment.

The Coaching process is ongoing with new goals being set once the existing ones have been achieved, or some course correction required if achieving existing goals is proving to be a challenge.

The number of Coaching Sessions required is entirely a Coachee's decision. The Coachee may continue to work with the Coach till such time as significant goals have been achieved, or till the time the Cochee is comfortable to work on his own goals without any support.

How can Coaching help me?

Coaching can help you achieve your goals you set for yourself, related to any aspects of your life - self development or relationships. When you achieve the goals you set for yourself, you improve as a human being or as a professional.