I have found my village... and it feels like home.


Drop-in Hours:

Monday: 10am - 4pm

Wednesday: 12pm - 4pm

Saturday 11am - 2pm

(Note: KK will be closed 4/8 and 4/10 in observance of Easter)


Saints Martha and Mary Episcopal Church in Eagan

4180 Lexington Ave S,
Eagan, MN, 55123

Kaitlyn's Kloset is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that was started to fill a need in the community. It is designed to help people in need with infant, toddler, and children clothing/toys/supplies. We additionally work with local organizations in our community to bring external resources to the people in which we serve.

Kaitlyn's Kloset provides a welcoming space and services to all people regardless of caregiver status (mother, father, foster parent, caregiver, etc), race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, age, gender, sexual orientation, religion, citizenship, marital status, ability or disability, or any other discriminatory factor.

GET HELP: Kaitlyn's Kloset operates a resource center housed out of Eagan, Minnesota. Individuals and families are able to come "shop" (for free) for items for their children, as well as food and personal care items. Shoppers also have the ability to meet with Kaitlyn (a licensed social worker) to discuss community resources and additional help if needed. No appointment is needed and anyone is welcome to visit during drop-in hours.

DONATE: To donate items that fall under the category of infant, toddler, and children clothing/toys/supplies directly to individuals, please post to our Facebook page located at Kaitlyn's Kloset - MN

To donate to our resource center in Eagan, please see the list below for the items we are currently accepting. Donations that are listed below, can be dropped off during our open drop-in hours. We appreciate gently used items, and items (besides food, personal care, and household) do NOT need to be new. When your kiddos are done with their items, consider passing it on to another family throught Kaitlyn's Kloset. If you have a donation that does not fit the criteria listed below, please email kaitlynsklosetmn@gmail.com for more information. 

To make a monetary donation, you can donate online by clicking on our Donate tab at the top of the page. You are also welcome to donate in person, during drop-in hours, at our resource center in Eagan. 100% of donations are used to run our resource center. 

Current Donations Needed:

High Needs:
Menstrual Pads (CAN be opened packs)
Juice boxes or jugs of shelf stable juice
Baby food, baby puffs or baby snacks
Household Items: Paper towels, toilet paper, cleaning supplies, laundry products, etc
Large/Extra Large Pull Ups, Ninjamas, Goodnights
Canned/Shelf Stable Meals (Spaghetti Os, Ravioli, Ready to eat soups, etc)
Rice and Potatoes
Canned chicken, sardines, SPAM
Sugar, Flour, Powdered Sugar, Oil
Mayo, Miracle Whip, Ketchup, Mustard, Barbecue Sauce

Other Needs:


"Kaitlyn's Kloset has given me the chance to give my son toys we wouldn't be able to afford. It has also given me the ability to help other families in need by donating items.  It is an awesome community that is full of acceptance and that is about helping others. I recommend it any chance I get." - Brianna M. (Member since 2018)

"When I first joined Kaitlyn's Kloset my husband and I were struggling. Paycheck to paycheck life was our regular. Late notices were piling up and life had its moments. I never asked for help assuming others would need it more than me, but more than once Kaitlyn would have something come in and thought of my little guy. He was always so excited to get something from Kaitlyn. His cousins moved to Minnesota and they too became part of the family, now that they have moved they still love to see Kaitlyn when they come back to town. Fast forward to this Christmas, we no longer live paycheck to paycheck. I donate every item my son no longer uses to members on Kaitlyns Kloset from clothes, toys, and even some electronics. But this Christmas through Kaitlyn I got to help two families with gifts they may not have gotten otherwise. I love that I can log in every day and see the love and support from this group. From one person needing diapers, to someone just needing some moral support. If you ask, you can find it here." - Amanda W. (Member since 2015)

"I joined when I was pregnant with my last baby. She was a surprise and had gotten rid of all our baby stuff, so we needed everything for her. This group has been great for getting clothes and other items we have needed. I keep trying to pay it forward by passing the items on to others as we don't need them any more." - B.J. (Member since 2020)

"In the last year, my family was affected by COVID. Husband’s job went furlough then over several months, laid off (he’s been jobless for 8months now). I was still working at the time but then got laid off a few months later. Now both my husband and I are with no job. We bought a house together in May 2019, had a little girl August 2019 and at the time with both income we were financially doing fine. Now we are really struggling to make ends meet. It’s just so sad on how things can change so drastically. 

I have been watching the group and trying to find other Facebook group that would have kind hearted people to help. I joined the Free Stuff Minnesota group and saw that the people in that group was so mean, unkind, and judgmental. I ready most of the posts and then decided that I won’t post my story because no one will understand and I will only get depressed if people are making mean comments. Then after reading someone else’s comments about Kaitlyn’s Kloset I decided to join. Again followed this group to see and read the post. My heart was filled with JOY! There was NO DRAMA, only kind people helping one another and no judgment at all. I felt like there was hope. One day, I decided to post about my life and asked for help. I just couldn’t believe my eyes, I have people helping me and encouraging me more than my own family willing to help. 

Our car broke down and we are not able to get it fixed due to financial budget. The people that helped me, dropped off stuff to my house, asked if I needed other things, referred me to more help and just overall was very loving, kind, and helpful!! 

Thank you admins for allowing  me to be a part of such a wonderful group. When I can get back on my foot, I will not forget to pay it forward and will make sure to help the next family who will be struggling just like me. Especially during this day in time, nothing is more important than offering a helping hand. A thousand thanks, a million thanks to all and everyone who are apart of this wonderful group!" - Anonymous (Member since 2021)

"December 10th I went into active labor I got flown out here to Minneapolis. My daughter was born with a cardiac defect and numerous other things. Due to her medical needs we have to stay here till July. We had nothing we got some clothes given to us and few other baby items I can’t thank this page enough it has helped me with what I need urgently and people are so generous." - Anonymous (Member since 2021)

"This group is the main reason I keep coming back to FB.  2020 was a hard year but especially for my family as we had some major health issues to navigate outside of COVID-19.  As things got better, I knew I wanted to 'pay it forward'.  I found this group I'm not even sure how but its been so impactful in such a short span of time.  I honestly go to the page sometimes just to watch how others are helping one another. I have been privileged to have helped 3 families so far with items they have really needed.  I can't wait to help more.  Outside of helping with physical items I have been able to offer words of kindness and encouragement to others that have found themselves in hardship.  This group is so incredibly supportive.  I envision this group being so much more in years to come and I want to be a part of that as much a possible.  Kaitlyn you've got something really special here and if I can help with making your non-profit possible and grow, it would truly be an honor!  Many blessings to you and everyone in this group! " - Angie J. (Member since 2020)

"My niece Lauren was murdered in a domestic dispute in September 2020, her son was 15 months old at the time. My family, including my kids, brother and Kiari’s Dad (who is in Army) were thrust into figuring out care for Kiari. Since we had nothing and knew he’d be going back and forth between our homes we knew a lot of things would be needed. I was referred to this group by a member, best decision ever to join. We received so much support from food to clothes to diapers and toys it was a life saver!!! So much love poured out from this group. I could never thank anyone enough. Kiari is doing great and thriving. We miss Lauren terribly and her attacker awaits trial in Dakota county jail, but our focus is on what we have now. God Bless." - Rhonda P. (Member since 2020)

"Just last week I needed clothing for my two girls, 11 months apart but same size everything, and this nice girl said she had some plus items for my son. When she messaged me she asked me everything I could need that she may have and explained some stuff she could give. I didn't need much, just the clothing but it was amazing how kind she was. When she came she brought a basked full of clothing, a few puzzles for my son, some other toys they could play with and even got my two girls birthday presents as their birthdays were this month and some decorations for a birthday party! On top of all of that she gave us some money that I didn't expect at all and we've been super behind on our rent to the point we would be homeless if they could kick us out but COVID helps keep our home so I put that toward our rent, even though it didn't cover all were behind on it did help us more than anything! I've never been helped like this before so it was heartwarming and was so amazing." - L.G. (Member since 2018)

"We found your page through a lady who works on our floor who was sending out birthday cards every so often. We decided to join and now try and send at least one birthday card a week. We are a local and small business, so giving back to the community is important to us. We feel great sending the cards too." - Anonymous (Member since 2020)

"As I write this my gratefulness to your group is overwhelming. You guys have helped me with Christmas cookies for my kids, Christmas gifts, food, emotional support and most of all pushed me to get my college degree in business. My plan is to start a non profit and I'm sure I will figure it out. I think that if you all can help others, so can I." - Ann R. (Member since 2019)

"I am a single mother of three beautiful children! Kaitlyn's Kloset has been such a blessing in SO many ways! 

My story started when I was 19 years old. As a young girl my ultimate goal in life was to be a wife, a mother and the white picket fence. One of those came true when I was 19. I was pregnant!!! My boyfriend and I at this time (At one point he was my finance) were living together in a small apartment. We were SO HAPPY and excited to have a baby... Then a mother's worst nightmare happened, miscarriage. The devastating news came and our relationship took a turn for the worse. I saw my life falling apart after we had lost the baby. My boyfriend started turning to other women and the next thing I know I was downing a bottle of pills, laying on the bathroom floor with a knife in my hand. The only good thing that man did for me was pick me up off the floor and rushed me to the hospital and saved my life!

Fast forward to 3 years later, I had met my husband! Finally! My dreams were coming true! We got engaged and six months later we were Mr. And Mrs. We then got pregnant with our son, delivered full term with an end result was a c-section  and a very healthy baby boy! Shortly after our son we got pregnant again, this time a girl! This pregnancy I will NEVER forget! At seven months I had learned that my husband was stepping out on our marriage.  I was furious and needed to figure out who this person was (I  knew it was not just a one time affair.. it was something much more). So there I was big belly and all sitting in my car in a hotel parking lot going over in my head what I am going to say and do. I sat there all night. Morning came, I texted him demanding to come home, telling him married men don't get to go out to the bar and drink all night and then not come home. So, as I sit there in my car waiting to see who was going to walk out of the hotel with him.. there she was! MY SISTER!!!! Yes, out of everyone in the whole entire universe.  There she was. We divorced right after our daughter was born. My life I thought once again crumbling at my feet.

Fast forward again, I meet my recent ex. Now, I KNEW this was a man I shouldn't have been with. I knew it from day one. But after having what I thought were awful men, "it couldn't possibly get any worse, this is what I deserve!".. He was and currently remains an alcoholic.  During some of his good months we ended up getting pregnant by accident. I stayed with him for 5 years because this man "LOVED ME"!!! He was faithful! But I didn't realize during our relationship how much he was drinking behind my back. How much I was loosing control of who I was and allowed this man to control so much of my life and now all three of my children's lives. I cut ties with him in Dec of 2019 and I have been single ever since. 

I never thought in a million years that I would be divorced, three kids, two father's and Me doing it all! Both dad's unfortunately have choose to not be a part of their children's lives. I have my kiddos 100 percent of the time... and boy does it get hard! This is where Kaitlyn's Kloset comes in! I needed help and this group is just a huge circle of individuals with the biggest hearts just waiting to help one another out in the tough times. This group made me realize that it is okay to struggle, that I am not the only one, and NOT ONE PERSON WILL JUDGE ME FOR ASKING FOR HELP!!! 

THANK YOU Kaitlyn's Kloset for EVERYTHING YOU STAND for!!!" - B.O. (Member since 2017)