KABAM Writer's Retreat

New for 2018! KABAM is offering a full-day Writers' Retreat/Conference for local area writers. Improve your skills in writing, publishing and marketing of your work. Get professional critiques of samples of your work, and tips and tricks of the publishing trade. Registration: $40 ($50 at the door), to help offset facility rental and other costs.

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1. 4 types of Publishers

This workshop goes through what to expect from the 4 categories of publishers an author can run into. It is good to know which you are dealing with before you sign that contract.

2. "Show Don't Tell"

Learn the technique of showing the story to the reader so they can be pulled into the characters predicament instead of just reading about it. It shows how to make the plot come alive. This workshop shows the TELL, then it stops to let the author take a hand at making it ACTIVE. After the group is finished it shows an active sentence made out of the first example.

3. Marketing Your Book

Learn ways ways the author can help their publisher market their book. (It is also a good way for a self-published author to market).

4. Editors - What kind do you need?

This presentation goes over the different categories of editors, what each does, and how much they should cost the author.

5. Organizing You Work

Take the germ of an idea and organize the plot, characters, and research needed to fill out the story you have in mind.

6. P.O.V.

Point Of View is one of the hardest concepts to master for a new writer. This presentation goes over the different types of P.O.V. and shows how each is used. It also defines which are the most salable.