We do not sell any products and we are not affiliated to any company. However, often owners will ask about recommendations for harnesses for dachshunds or IVDD dogs.

It is important that the harness fits correctly:

  • It must fit comfortably but do not allow the dog to slip out of it.
  • If the dog pulls on the harness it must reflect the pressure OFF the neck and back, and onto the chest.
  • Dachshunds are deep chested, so sometimes they require a larger size to fit correctly around the chest, which could sometimes mean that the design is also larger on the neck and allows the dog to slip off the harness. If that is the case, your dog might benefit from a different design or size.

Some of the OPTIONS you might have are:

The Lupine Harness (offers a *lifetime* guarantee) with several designs (Roman, Step in, H design):


The hug-a-dog harness:


The Puppia harness (can be purchased at Amazon), with 3 designs: Soft harness A, Vest harness B and Jacket Harness:


The Gooby harnesses (can be purchased at Amazon), come in a variety of designs: Freedom harness, sports harness, picnic harness, perfect fit harness, jersey harness and the comfort harness:


The Hip Doggie harnesses: step in and harness vest (shop online or you might be able to find them at a local pet store).


The Doggles harnesses: two models: Harness overhead mesh and the harness vest. They may be found at Amazon too.


Never choke harnesses from Noodle and Friends: