Welcome! ...there are probably some areas still under construction, but hopefully enough info to get you going!

Who Are We

The Cowtown Amateur Radio Club (K5COW) is an ARRL Club located just north of downtown Fort Worth TX.


The Cowtown Amateur Radio Club is a 501c(3) non profit organization with the purpose of supporting and promoting Amateur Radio activities in all ways from training/licensing to public service.

What we've done

Our Clubhouse operates multiple HF radios on 2 large antennas mounted on our tower. In addition we have started an AREDN Mesh system with 360deg coverage from our tower. Finally, we are building an AMSAT/ARISS ground station on site at the Clubhouse. The club operates three repeaters (right now two are down for site maintenance)

Come on in

We are open to the public during normal club hours, all are welcome!