Providing a place where  K12 Technology Decision Makers can meet to 

Share, Network, and Learn

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Upcoming 2023-24 Meetings

We have been working on our meeting schedule for the 2023-24 and have a number of dates established.  Please use this to mark your calendars.  Be aware that dates may change .  The  September and October  meetings are locked in and we are taking registrations.



Network/Tech Support Group  (Lake Only) - October, January , June 

K12 Data Group (Lake & McHenry) -  October , January,   June 

---  Stay Tuned for dates and locations. ---

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The K12 Tech Forum (K12TF) was created in 2017 by and for K-12 Technology Decision Makers to provide a place where they can meet to share, network, and learn.  The group holds regular meetings throughout the school year where pertinent topics selected by the group will be discussed. During the meetings participants will have the opportunity to hear from other districts, ask questions, and share what they are doing.  We will also invite technology developers and manufacturers to demonstrate and showcase the latest technology products and  solutions at some of our meetings. 

Who can join?

K12TF meetings are open to K-12 schools of any size whether public or private.  Anyone who is responsible for developing and supporting technology programs within those schools is welcome to join.  If you are responsible in some way for making decisions about what technology is selected and how it is used in your school you are invited to attend regardless of your title.

Where will the meetings be held?

We are now holding meetings in Lake County and McHenry County!

All of our meetings are face-to-face/in-person. They are held at various locations in Lake County and McHenry County.  For those of you who can't attend our meetings in-person you are welcome to join us virtually via Zoom (when available).

How much does it cost?

When we created K12TF we wanted to make it as easy as possible for people to attend our meetings.  We also wanted to make sure that meetings were a beneficial and enjoyable experience for all who attend.  Toward that end we decided to make the meetings FREE to all attendees and we would provide a tasty lunch so that you don't have to worry about rushing through lunch or missing lunch altogether.  We also to make the registration process as simple as possible.  There are no membership or participation fees.  Just sign-up for the meeting and show up at the meeting.  That's it!

How can we do all this for free?

From the beginning K12TF has had generous sponsors who support us and cover all the costs associated with putting on the meetings.  Our sponsor is 22Vets. We also have the support of various tech companies on occasion.  While attendees are never required to do business with our sponsor or participating vendors it is those schools that do business with them that make this all possible.  


"The K12 Tech Forum provides a valuable network of individuals who all face similar issues on a day to day basis. It is helpful to be able to discuss problems, ideas, and solutions with people who understand your situation. Each environment is different so it is helpful to see how other district's are implementing technology. This is especially helpful for us, a small district, because we are able to see which technologies other schools are leveraging and what may be beneficial to us."  .... Nick Wlodarczyk, Information Systems Coordinator, Butler School District 53, Oak Brook

"The K12 Tech Forum has been a great place for me to gain experience from veteran Tech Administrators."  .... Matthew  McCulley, Director of Technology,  Big Hollow School District 38

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K12 Tech Forum Advisory Board

Lee Steinsdoerfer -  Executive Director, K12 Tech Forum

Dmitry Andrievsky - Technology Director,  Oak Grove District 68

Tom Furlan - Technology Director, Grant Community High School 124

Phil Hintz - Director of Student Information Services, Barrington District 220

Lynn Williams - iTech Coordinator, Cary District 26 

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