School Wide Advisory Group

The AZVA/ISAZ School Wide Advisory Group is comprised of dedicated stakeholders, including parents, learning coaches, students, and staff members, who collaborate and discuss school related topics in order to make AZVA and ISAZ the best school programs possible.

School Wide Advisory Group MISSION: The S.W.A.G. works to build a strong relationship with all AZVA and ISAZ stakeholders to support a unified school community by promoting student and parent engagement in school programs.

Future meetings:

  • March 6th: Alumnae, Students and testing staff panelist: Come and learn from our featured panelists for this session on what benefits testing has provided to them and how they prepare for testing. Learn from our alumnai that attend vocational schools and universities. Talk to current students, learning coaches, and our testing site managers as we get prepared for upcoming state testing.
  • May 8th: Teachers and parent panelist: Make summery interesting for your students and avoid 'Summer Slump". Come and learn summer enrichment ideas. Get ideas on how to keep summer fun and exciting without going into your 'school room' at home. Give kids a break from school but not a break from thinking.

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September 13th: