Attendance and Truancy

Jennifer Parrish

Attendance Specialist

K12 Attendance Video

Please click on this link (or image) to report if your student is going to be absent longer than 3 days.

Attendance Matters Contest

Students can have their names entered monthly into our Attendance Matters semester contest. Every student that has 95% or more attendance completed on a monthly basis will have an attendance award certificate sent to their email. Any student who receives a certificate automatically gets their names entered into our semester drawings. Semester one: drawing in December (IPad Mini), Semester two: drawing in May (GoPro Camera),

DECEMBER Attendance Winners of the Ipad Mini! Congratulations to the students below. Keep getting those attendance hours logged it could be YOU in our next drawing!

AZVA Elementary School Winner

C. Holman

AZVA Middle School Winner

F. MacDonals

AZVA High School Winner

J. Brotemarkle

ISAZ Winner

I. Diaz

Excellent Attendance and Engagement Habits in an online public school

  • Be READY to School, Get SET for Success, and GROW in your school connections
  • Log in daily to the online school platforms
  • Attend online classroom sessions and actively participate
  • Complete all attendance requirements for online course work, online classroom sessions, and off-line work.
  • Submit required assignments and complete all required testing
  • Communicate with teachers, advisors, and other school team members

CLICK on image to listen to a helpful video on how to log attendance

Attendance Matters! Find a way for your child to be successful and make academic growth by attending school regularly.