The Junior Week of Mathematics (JWMath) is a meeting for mathematicians (can be seen as an special session of SIMBa), to learn new tools and introduce -in an entertaining way- methods and tools of several branches of Mathematics. The event is totally organized by PhD students of Mathematics.

The aim of this event is to provide a chance to learn new and different mathematics of their usual work for the participants and a chance to improve communication skills for the speakers ( young researchers).

The sessions will cover many interesting branches of mathematics, from Algebra or Mathematical Analysis; Geometry to Computer Sciences.

The event will take place at the University of Barcelona (T1 Room Historical Campus) from 17th to 21st of December.

The event is an activity related to SIMBa.

During the JWMath there will be a group photo that will be posted here next to other photographs of the event.


Carlos Cruz (Main Coordinator)

Sergi Baena

Liena Colarte

Daniel Gil

Camilo Rey-Torres

Andrés Rojas

Martí Salat