Huang Rui Jia

Class of 2017

Before I joined JYSS, I had always thought that learning was all about working hard as an individual, but through the years I realise that helping others and being receptive to others’ help are also important components of a truly fulfilling journey of learning.

For example, nearing the O-levels, the school organises night study sessions at the canteen for the Sec 4s and 5s, with many teachers staying back late to answer our questions during the sessions. My classmates and I would discuss questions together or encourage one another when we were stressed, and it was heartwarming to see so many people, students and teachers alike, working towards a common goal with such great determination and high morale.

The various bonding experiences which I had been fortunate enough to share with my friends, such as the overseas trip to Indonesia or the Sec 1 Orientation Camp, also made me realise that, it is less about how much I have achieved and it is more about the new perspectives I have gained, or the number of people I have inspired along the way.

As I began to appreciate people’s help and friendship, rather than the grade on my results slip, I found that I was able to learn so much more, not only from my studies but also many other aspects in life, like how to manage stress, how to handle a failure to meet expectations, or even, in my CCA, Cultural Dance, how to devise a good dance movement for a performance.

The teachers in JYSS have been very helpful and encouraging, always patient to answer questions and give advice without value judgement. They genuinely care about each individual student’s well-being and do not hesitate to sacrifice their own time for the students. For instance, my Sec 3-4 Additional Mathematics teacher, Mr Thomas Ong, gave up many of his Saturday mornings to conduct extra lessons for the class in school.

My English teacher Mrs Fong, History teacher Ms Nurul and Chemistry teacher Mrs Lee were always willing to make time to mark extra scripts and arrange consultations with me, which helped me immensely in my revision. Many other teachers, too, were there to offer me useful advice, such as my Sec 3-4 form teacher Mr Dayan Tan, and my Physics teacher Mr Lee.

I would not be where I am now if not for my teachers’ guidance, and I am eternally grateful for that.

Clockwise from Left

1. Together We Will Succeed. Rui Jia with Ms Wong (VP), Mr Seet (Principal) and Mr Dayan (FT).

2. Visiting the school in her new Raffles blazer.

3. "Daily Efffort Makes A Great Difference." - Rui Jia sharing with the school her formula behind her winning a 5000-word Chinese Essay Writing Competition in 2015.

4. Top GCE-O Scorers Class of 2016 with Juying School Leaders.