To become the national model for economic inclusion. Georgia must leverage its multicultural heritage and preeminence as the economic capital of the American South.

Just Opportunity

The Just Opportunity Portfolio seeks to activate the agency of residents and connect them with entrepreneurs, governments, corporations and other anchors to move from a disconnected community of actors toward an ecosystem working together for economic inclusion through collective impact.

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What is Economic Inclusion?

The Partnership for Southern Equity (PSE) defines economic inclusion as: “Increasing equity in the distribution of income, wealth building, employment, and entrepreneurial opportunities for vulnerable populations.” In this definition, equity is a step beyond equality because it takes into account that people may not start from the same place and, therefore, “equal” treatment may not resolve the gap that exists.

Principles of Shared Prosperity

PSE’s Principles of Shared Prosperity set the tone for a different, more equitable future - where residents can participate in and prosper from decisions that shape the places they live.

  1. Development must happen with people, not to people;

  2. Public and private investments should produce outcomes for “people, planet & profit;”

  3. Equitable growth is the superior growth model; and

  4. Building capacity can enable communities to lead and own change efforts.

While these principles are the foundation for PSE’s work across all of its portfolios, they are particularly resonant for the Just Opportunity Portfolio and inform our Six Principles of Economic Inclusion.

Our Principles of Economic Inclusion

Developed with community, we agree to uphold these principles in our interactions with each other, champion them with business and civic leaders, and carry them out to the best of our ability in our daily work.

Current Initiatives

The Faces of Opportunity Video Series

Featuring C. David Moody Jr., Tawanna Harris, Dawn (Luke) Arnold, and Jahi Rawlings



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