Georgia Alliance for Men and Boys of Color (GAMBOC)

PSE serves as the Georgia Anchor for the Alliance for Boys and Men of Color, a national network of hundreds of community and advocacy organizations who come together to advance race and gender justice by transforming policies that are failing boys and men of color and their families and building communities full of opportunity. Decades of laws and policies intended to divide, criminalize, and deny resources to our communities have created roadblocks between boys and men of color and opportunities to reach their full potential. As a result, boys and men of color are more likely to grow up in communities shaped by racist policies that produce poverty, violence, insecurity, and trauma.

Using our direct experience with these injustices, GAMBOC leaders are developing and implementing the policy solutions needed to ensure everyone in our community can flourish and lead self-determined lives.

We Believeā€¦

  • Given a level playing field, BMOC will excel at capturing economic opportunities that benefit themselves, their families, and their community

  • BMOC are worth our full consideration, efforts & strategies to guide them to their desired equitable status

  • We must fully engage with BMOC youth and parents to be successful

  • We must have systemic and programmatic intersectionality to effectively change these outcomes.

Impact Areas

The GAMBOC has five (5) distinct impact areas

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Education and Workforce Development

  • Social and Emotional Support

  • Policy Transformation

  • Youth Advisor Council (YAC)

The Youth Advisory Council, (males ages 16-24) informs the work of the GAMBOC member organizations while being provided leadership training and professional development, including training on racial equity and community organizing. After participating in the YAC, we anticipate that these young men will be equipped and prepared to serve their community as leaders advancing social justice.