Justin and Ralph McBook present The Justin Time Radio Show, English listening practice for pre-intermediate and higher learners. It's a great way to learn lots of useful new vocabulary and improve your English listening skills. Have a laugh with Justin and Ralph, telling funny stories and jokes. Start by downloading the listening activity, and the last file is the script so you can check your answers. The great adventure starts at the bottom of this page with episode 1, Homestay Guest, and evolves, but any order is okay. I recommend completing one per week, but you are free to choose.

46 DIY Because We Can - Justin and Ralph paint an old pair of bicycle panniers with rubber paint. And as always, a funny story from Justin! Activity   Word Search   Crossword   Script

45 Baby Guitar - Justin tells an ironic, funny story about horses. Yes, it’s all true! He also talks about his beautiful new Ukulele.   Activity   Word Search   Crossword   Script

44 See Ewe Later - Ralph starts out with a couple of jokes, Justin gives first date advice. You never know where it will end with these two.  Activity   Word Search   Crossword   Script

43 Sven - Justin breaks his rule not to work with children or animals and brings a budgie into the studio. He also does an impression of a washing machine spin cycle. Activity    Script

42 Speedboat - Back at Buena Vista Cave in Spain, Justin and Ralph have fun with the echo. Justin tells a funny, true story about an accident he once saw involving a beautiful speedboat. Activity    Script

41 Greatest Kiss - Does Justin really know his way around the kitchen? Has he lost his mind doing animal impressions? What is the world’s greatest kiss? Listen and find out!  Activity    Script

40 Incredible Likeness II - People get into all sorts of trouble because things being mass-produced all look the same. Song by Justin.  Activity    Script

39 Lady Goose - Justin spends a long time over dinner with a famous chess player, and things get even more strange as the night goes on. What next?  Activity    Script

38 Monkey Business Justin loses the remote control, and tells a story about a monkey that managed to write a sentence on a PC, but got a bit ill doing it. Activity    Script

37 Everything Extra - Justin and Ralph arrive back in Spain. Justin points out some of the possible problems when flying with budget airlines. Activity   Script

36 The Incredible Likeness of Being - Ralph has some bad news, but Justin manages to cheer him up with an incredible story. Activity   Script

35 Ralphy Valentino - Ralph makes a new friend on the Internet and asks Justin to take him out to meet her. Justin is very much against it until…  Activity   Script

34 Close Shave - Life can be full of surprises. Even a haircut can become a drama, Justin talks about one time when he got so much more than he bargained for... Activity   Script

33 Silly Dance - Justin is having a bit of fun adjusting to city life after the wilds of the Spanish mountains. Ralph is disappointed that dragons don’t breathe fire. Song: Shall We Dance? Activity   Script

32 Jurassic Lark - Justin is having a hard time coming to terms with the wildlife around the cave, most of which seems to want to live inside. He has a confrontation with a reptile.   Activity   Script