Why we're the best!

We Let Our Clients and Athletes Speak for Themselves

I started working with Coach Justin 1 year ago and I didn’t even have a solid tuck. Now, I’m working on my full! Coach Justin has done so much for my tumbling technique and has improved my self confidence. Whenever I walk into the gym and I’ve had a bad day, he always knows what to say to motivate me to give 110% at practice. Coach Justin has a drill for everything. That is one thing he really believes in. When I first started lessons I thought the drills were pointless. Now, I have realized how much they have helped me improve my tumbling. My favorite quote from him is, “It’s okay to be scared, but it’s NOT okay to not try.” I keep this with me when I’m scared. This year, I strained a muscle in my back. I hated missing practice, but Coach Justin assured me that I would be back in the gym. He taught me exercises to strengthen my back, Now, I am back to tumbling again!

-Faith Canterbury

My girls have worked with Justin on cheer and tumbling skills for over two years. They have both gained great skills but most importantly confidence in their abilities. One of my daughters had a mental block which he helped her conquer and she has never looked back. He is so encouraging and positive with them and that just pushes them to work harder and perform better. My other daughter is now coming back to cheer after a fractured spine. My worry was that she might be nervous to tumble again for fear of hurting her back again. Today she did her first back handspring after returning and she didn’t really have any fear in doing so. His positive energy is infectious and his teaching is spot on! Our family is so thankful for all he has taught our girls- they both had obstacles to overcome and did so with his help!

-Terra Ramsey, Kinley and Rainey's Mom

Can we give Justin a million stars?!? Dakota has grown not just as an athlete but as a person working with him. She is learning the value of hard work, you get out what you put in, to always finish empty and leave it all on the mat. These aren't just lessons that apply to cheerleading- they are real life lessons! Since she started working with Justin, her confidence as a person has grown tremendously and for a teenage girl, that is HUGE! She needed a coach who would breathe belief into her, he has! She needed a coach who would show her proper technique, push her when she was tired, teach her to do her skills safely (she is so clumsy and accident prone), work through injuries, correct her when she was wrong and teach her to step up and be a leader. Justin has taken her from a girl who could barely do a cartwheel, had sloppy jumps and couldn't walk and chew gum at the same time; to a strong, confident cheerleader who has an elegant back handspring, strong jumps and can base a stunt for 4:53 and win a Strong Stunt Competition. Thank you for pushing her when she needs to be pushed, tuning into her perfectionist personality and channeling it in the right direction!

-Darrah Preator, Dakotah's Mom

Where do I start to talk about Coach Justin? He’s more than just a coach he’s a friend and a mentor. He has taught me so much these past few years. He has taught he how to push and stay strong through any situation. No matter what happens he always has confidence in me. Without Justin not only would the gym be dull and have something missing but so would my life. He has done so much for me and gave me such good advice I will keep with me for a lifetime. He’s truly an amazing coach and person inside and out. Why go to anyone else when you could go to the best of the best??

- Cassidy Burks

Justin is hands down my favorite coach. Any time I have a bad day, I know I can walk into the gym and he will make my day. Anybody who goes to Justin knows how he coaches is different than most coaches, but works even better. When I started going to Justin for privates, I had just gotten over breaking my elbow. I could barely do a decent back handspring. But within a month of Justin doing drills upon drills, I had my tuck and layout taller than him. And not even just that, I go to Bethel where he coaches the 7th and 8th grade cheer teams, and you can just walk in and see how much the teams have improved over just a few months. We love Justin and everything he does for us!!

-Brooklyn Cisco

I’ve known Justin Schneider for 5 years, not only have I watched him teach other kids but he has also taught me. Throughout my time of knowing Justin I have seen many kids including myself progress not only in skill wise but also in self-esteem. Whenever someone was doubting themselves and thinking they couldn’t do something I’ve seen Justin take his time to sit down and reassure the athlete that they could accomplish it and that they had what it takes. Justin is very good at adapting to any personality and finding ways to explain how to do a skill. A couple things I love about Justin is that he is always trying to find ways to improve what he is doing and he won’t teach a higher level skill unless he knows that the athlete is ready to move on from the prior skill. Not only is Justin good with athletes/teaching but he is also very reliable on a business level. Justin has gone above and beyond to help out his employer/other co-workers in a time of need e.g if a class/team is shorthanded Justin has stepped in and help out.

-Emilee Zink

I highly recommend Justin Schneider who worked for a long period of time in Rochester Gymnastics Academy where my son Oscar Gonzalez trained for gymnastics. Justin is an excellent, hands on training and hard working coach who always demonstrates also good flexibility in communication with the athlete, co workers and the parents. He is knowledgeable and makes the sport more fun to learn.

-Jose Gonzales, Oscar's Dad

My daughter and I have known Justin for about 3 years, and he is my daughter's favorite coach. He is very personable and can relate to the kids, while having fun with them and maintaining a professional relationship with his athletes. He genuinely cares about the kids and helping them reach their goals. He has helped my daughter perfect many skills and she absolutely loves coming to her private training sessions with Justin. His style of motivation is all positive. He helps the kids with constructive criticism while still keeping their confidence intact. Justin would be a great addition to any team!

-Mari Carini, Jess' Mom