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Presenter: Blended & Personalized Learning Conference, Providence RI. 4/6/2019

    • Future of Work

Presenter: ASCD Empower19, Chicago, IL. 3/29/2019

    • STEM Mindsets: Bridging Mindsets to Actions and Results

Keynote Speaker: Ohio Educational Technology Conference, Columbus, OH. 2/14/2019

    • Designing The Future That We Envision Through Artificial Intelligence
      • Artificial Intelligence has quickly and quietly embedded itself into our everyday life - security, education, social media, politics, agriculture, and more. The future of work, and maybe humanity, will no doubt be impacted by AI. Students are sitting in classrooms across the nation with optimism and a sense of fearlessness through a natural spirit of creativity ready to create a brighter and more inclusive world; as such, our way of thinking must evolve and change. Dr. Justin Aglio will share examples that emphasize how one school has moved beyond change to empower students and teachers to be designers of the future through AI. He will help imagine how human curiosity and creativity combined with artificial intelligence will transform the future.

Featured Speaker: Teacher Leadership Summit, Pittsburgh, PA. 12/5/2019

    • Designing and Leading the Future of Learning

Presenter: Three Rivers Educational Technology Conference, Baldwin-Whitehall, PA. 11/6/2018

    • Teaching and Learning in AI

Keynote: Speaker: Educational Research in Practice Summit, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA. 11/2/2018.

    • Pioneering K-12-Research Partnerships

Keynote Speaker: RISE II - Research and Innovation Symposium for Education, Northern Kentucky University, Highland Heights, KY. 9/28/2018

    • Bridging Mindsets to Actions and Results

Panelist: 90.5 WESA | Pittsburgh's NPR News Station, Pittsburgh, PA. 9/11/2018

    • How Do We Prepare Today's Learners for Future Jobs?

Panelist: Understanding the Barriers to Adoption of Technology in Education Summit, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA. 6/1/2018

    • School Incentives and Barriers to Ed Tech Adoption

Panelist: Schools That Can National Forum, Chicago, IL. 5/2/2018

    • How Can The Promise of Making Reach Every Student?

Ignite Speaker, Charlotte, NC. 4/25/2018

    • Story Telling in Education

Featured Presenter: Pennsylvania STEM Coalition Webinar, Pennsylvania Department of Education. 2/28/2018

    • Promising Practices

Moderator: Mid-Atlantic Conference on Personalized Learning, Pittsburgh, PA. 2/27/2018

    • Accelerating Learning thru Innovation

Opening Remarks: National K-12 Educational Research in Practice Summit (Carnegie Mellon University), Pittsburgh, PA. 11/2017

    • Researcher and Practitioners Unite

Facilitator: EdSurge Fusion, San Francisco, CA. 11/2017

    • Strategic Curriculum

Moderator: Three Rivers Educational Technology Conference, Pittsburgh, PA. 11/2017

    • What is Personalized Learning?

Presenter: School Library Journal and Library Journal, Online. 10/2017

    • Create a Maker Program Ready to Implement in Your School or Library

Presenter: Washington Literacy Council (Washington and Jefferson College), Washington, PA. 8/1/2017

    • Cultivating Curiosity

Presenter: Project Zero Perspectives (Harvard University), Pittsburgh, PA. 5/2017

    • The Second Act of Making

Presenter: Schools That Can National Forum, Pittsburgh, PA. 5/2017

    • Self-Organized Learning Environments

Keynote Speaker: MASS Customization Mid-Atlantic Summit, Altoona, PA. 4/2017

    • The Second Act of Technology

Presenter: MASS Customization Mid-Atlantic Summit, Altoona, PA. 4/2017

    • Self-Organized Learning Environments (SOLE)

Presenter: ASCD 2017, Anaheim, CA. 3/2017

    • The Second Act of STEM

Presenter: PETE & C, Hershey, PA. 2/2017

    • The Second Act of Innovation

Presenter: Thrival Festival, Pittsburgh, PA. 9/2016

    • The Power of Partnerships

Featured Speaker: 3D Bootcamp, INVENTORcloud, Youngstown, OH. 6/2016

Panel: Schools That Can National Forum, New York, NY. 6/2016

Keynote Speaker: STEAM in the Valley, California, PA. 3/2016

Presenter: Robert Morris University, Moon, PA. 3/2016

Presenter: Mid-Atlantic Personalized Learning Conference, Baltimore, MD. 2/2016

Presenter: Three Rivers Educational Technology Conference, Pittsburgh, PA. 11/2015

Keynote Speaker: Tri-State Principals Leadership Institute, Pittsburgh, PA. 10/2015

Keynote Speaker: The Consortium of Public Schools, Pittsburgh, PA. 10/2015

Presenter: MakerFaire Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA. 10/2015

Moderator: Thrival Festival, Pittsburgh, PA. 10/2015

Presenter: Schools That Can National Forum, Los Angeles, CA. 5/2015

    • Project-Based Learning

Presenter: Create Festival, Pittsburgh, PA. 6/2015

Ignite Speaker: Pittsburgh Pathways Summit, Pittsburgh, PA. 11/2014

Featured Presenter: ISTE Virtual Conference, Online. 1/2014

Speaker: International Reading Association, Chicago, IL. 5/2013