Justin Geller

Creative Consulting

Making concepts into reality.

This site showcases some of the creative consulting I've done for galleries, public art, video, and film. I've helped produce, design, and build in the areas of music composition, audio installation, LED lighting tech, and more. I've worked with some great collaborators.

This is a consulting firm with a my partner Laris Kreslins. We are two people with many skill sets and, between us, we have everything covered. We've done everything from websites, to creating a musical proof of concept for a large sporting event show, to online event planning, etc.


I've recorded a lot of music. For licensing (or just curiosity), you can check out my entire back catalog here.

Synth Pop project with Kierceton Keller.

This is a solo project of mine that skews more towards a retro, 80s indie pop vibe.

A lot of the custom scoring and soundtrack work I do under my own name and, occasionally, I release it commercially.

This is a downtempo/trip hop project with my friend, Billy Dufala, and sometimes with my other friend and singer, Ashley Thomas.

A musical project with my friend, Laris Kreslins. We had a minor hit in Latvia, so there's that.

I was a founding member of this genre hopping musical project with my good friend, Julian, for about 10 years. He moved to Berlin, so it's his solo project now.

A Drum and Bass act with Joe Candidi.

A house music project with my friends, Carl Michaels and Billy Dufala. I think Joe Candidi was on one too.