Best Mini Ovens of 2021

There are several reasons to buy yourself the best mini oven. For a lot of people, they start out as a temporary stand-in for a standard oven, but then become so convenient they are irreplaceable.

Mini ovens offer space-saving practicality, rapid cooking and ease of use in a variety of living situations. Whether you are moving home, live in an RV or caravan, are looking to save energy, or simply need a tabletop alternative to a traditional oven, a mini oven could be just what you need.

If you’re looking for the perfect mini oven for your lifestyle, we have reviewed ten of the leading products on the UK market today and created a handy buying guide to help you on your way. Read on to learn about some of the fantastic mini ovens on the market.

Mini Oven Reviews

Tower T14043 (Editor’s Choice)

Our Editor’s Choice and overall best mini oven is the Tower T14043. Compact, easy to use, and stylish, if you need a mini oven for your kitchen it makes a highly popular choice.

Rated at 1300W, this appliance is more powerful than many others available on the market. Its four stainless steel heating elements provide an even heat distribution, allowing you to grill, bake, roast, and toast. Simply select the lower, upper or both elements via the function dial to best suit your recipe and food type.

Thanks to its 23-litre capacity, this mini oven and grill has a compact footprint, yet is large enough to accommodate a small whole roast chicken, a 12” pizza, or any dish for one or two persons. You’ll have no problem finding space for it, even in the smallest of kitchen areas. Plus, this mini oven comes with four sturdy feet to keep your worktop surface protected.

This mini oven and grill has a dedicated temperature dial, allowing you to set your cooking temperature between 90-230 degrees C. This allows you to bake, cook and reheat a wide range of food types with ease.

With its durable design, this convection mini oven comes with a stylish black exterior with chrome accents that is sure to complement any kitchen decor. It’s complete with a one year warranty that can be extended up to three years by registering the product. This best table top oven also comes with a baking tray, wire rack and tray handle, so you’ll have all you need to get cooking right away.

As this kitchen appliance is timer-operated, if your food is ready earlier than expected, it will continue to run even after you’ve removed your dish. Also, it can struggle to reach the maximum temperature and you may find it takes a while to heat up.


  • 1300W for baking, roasting, toasting and grilling

  • Good 23L capacity

  • Temperatures from 90°C to 230°C

  • Four stainless steel heating elements

  • Compact design


  • Limited timer options mean you may have to supervise the cooking process

  • May struggle to reach the maximum temperature

  • Long heat up time could be inconvenient for some

Sage BOV820BSS (Luxury Choice)

This high-performance, multi-function mini oven by Sage is our Luxury Choice. Whether you are looking for a secondary oven or need to replace your main one, this fantastic Smart Oven Pro appliance really is an excellent model to go for.

Thanks to its 21L capacity, you can cook a wide range of dishes even if you’re short on space. For reference, you can fit six slices of toast or nine muffins, a six-pound chicken or a 13” pizza inside. Thanks to its three tray height settings you can easily accommodate tray bakes and ready meals for one or two persons.

This mini oven is one of the most powerful in our selection. Rated at 2400W, it also has a fan for convection power. Not only does this give you a wide temperature range from 50-230 degrees C, but it also means you get a rapid preheat. Hence, you’ll be up to temperature and ready to cook in just a couple of minutes. The five quartz heating elements give you stable even heating, thanks to Sage’s Smart Element iQ System for consistently perfect results with every use.

Extremely easy to use with its intuitive dials and clear LCD screen, this model can be set manually or you can use one of the ten presets, including slow cook, pizza, grill, bake, roast, and toast. Well-designed, even if you have difficulty programming a regular oven, you’ll find this mini oven simple and it even remembers which mode you used last. Good looking, its stainless steel shiny finish exudes class, while the interior oven light lets you keep an eye on your creations as they cook.

Bear in mind the fan can be quite noisy and the dials are very sensitive. Also, its silver exterior is a bit of a fingerprint magnet – so it may not be easy to clean.


  • Smart quartz heating elements iQ System

  • Fast 2400W preheat

  • 21L capacity

  • LCD display with 10 cooking presets

  • Interior light


  • Fan can be a little noisy

  • Attracts fingerprints so may need frequent cleaning

  • Dials may be over-sensitive

Netta 9L 650W (Best Value)

This mini oven by Netta is our best value choice. It’s an ideal mini oven and grill for single person households.

With a total of nine litres cooking capacity, this mini oven is very compact making it a top space-saving option. Whether you want a mini oven to complement your existing kitchen appliances or one to use for all of your toasting, baking and grilling needs, this budget model is highly capable. For reference, you can fit two slices of bread inside to toast at a time. Hence, it can easily accommodate any single portion ready meal and it has two built-in shelf heights.

Rated 650W, given its compact size, you get fast and powerful heating with an adjustable temperature range between 100-230 degrees C. There are two durable quartz heating elements that evenly distribute heat. Thanks to its dual dial control setup, it’s very easy to use. Simply select your temperature and turn the thirty-minute timer to your desired cook duration.

This product features stable anti-slip feet and at just 3.22kg, it’s easy to pick up and relocate, while its black and silver styling will look good in any home. A baking tray wire rack is included with this mini oven and grill, ready for you to start grilling, baking and toasting.

Unfortunately, the temperature gauge is not very accurate. However, it is more than suitable for most regular cooking tasks. The timer makes a ticking noise which can be a little annoying, plus the casing becomes very hot, quite quickly so do take care when using it.


  • Highly compact 9L capacity

  • Using quartz elements for heating

  • Adjustable temperature 100-230°C

  • 30-minute timer

  • Stable anti-slip feet


  • Ticking timer could be irritating

  • Temperature gauge may not always be accurate

  • Casing can get very hot

Quest 35399 (Best Easy to Clean)

The Quest 35399 is much easier to clean than most other counter top ovens, thanks to its dishwasher-safe crumb tray and baking tray. Simply remove and clean them off in your sink after use, or place them in your dishwasher for hassle-free cleaning.

With its 20-litre capacity, this model can accommodate most meals for one or two persons. It is highly versatile and can be used for grilling, baking, toasting and rotisserie cooking with the included rotisserie fork. Whether you are looking for an extra oven for small baking tasks or need a compact model for all your day-to-day needs, this is one of the best mini ovens around.

Due to its 1,500W power rating, this mini oven and grill heats rapidly with its durable stainless steel heating elements. The temperature can be set between 65-230 degrees C, making it suitable to bake, roast, and for cooking a wide range of recipes. Simply turn the dials to select your desired heat level, function, and duration. The mini oven can be programmed with the 60-minute timer and even has a bell ringer.

The internal light lets you see how your food is progressing and there are two in-built shelf levels to better accommodate different food types. Non-slip feet, a cool-touch body and auto-power off function- all help to ensure safe usage. Complete with a baking tray, wire rack, crumb tray, tray handle and rotisserie fork, this mini oven is especially useful for cooking small rotisserie chicken, as well as general baking.

On the downside, its door could be better fitting and the instructions could be more comprehensive. Also, be sure to take care when putting in or removing your food as the heating elements are exposed.


  • Four cooking functions

  • 20L capacity

  • Dishwasher-safe bake and crumb tray

  • 60-minute timer

  • Includes bake tray, wire rack and rotisserie fork


  • Some users may find the usage instructions poor

  • Exposed internal heating elements could present a safety risk

  • The door may not be close-fitting

TurboTronic TT-EV Double Glazed Electric Grill (Best 35-Litre)

Looking for a mini oven with a large internal capacity for one or two people? The TurboTronic TT-EV is our best 35L mini oven pick, allowing you to cook pretty much anything you can in a regular-sized oven, including a whole chicken, casseroles and roasts.

Thanks to its generous 35L capacity, you can use both shelves simultaneously to cook your main dish plus sides, or two different pizzas for example. This gives you much more flexibility and also makes this mini oven a great replacement for a standard-sized one.

With 1600W power and a highly insulative double-layer glass door, this mini oven heats up quickly. Plus, the four stainless steel elements ensure even heat throughout the interior, eliminating cold and hot spots. What’s more, this is also a convection fan oven, so it heats rapidly and consistently.

Choose from three cooking functions via the first of four control dials – convection, rotisserie or convection with rotisserie. Set your temperature with a simple turn of the dial, you can choose between 100-230 degrees C, then select upper, lower or both heat sources. Lastly, use the 60-minute timer function to start off your cook and you’re all set to enjoy a tasty oven-baked meal.

When the oven is in operation, the interior light illuminates so you can keep an eye on your food. This is also a good looking, great quality mini oven. Its black exterior with chrome detailing on the dials and stainless steel handle ensure that it stands out as a professional-looking appliance. It comes complete with two baking trays, one chrome-plated wire rack, a tray handle and a rotisserie fork.

As there is no crumb tray, it helps to keep the second shelf in place. Also as it is front-heavy, be careful not to tip it forward when removing the rather tight-fitting wire shelf.


  • Generous 35L capacity

  • 1600W power

  • 60-minute timer

  • Convection fan and rotisserie cooking functions

  • Includes two baking trays, wire grill rack and rotisserie fork


  • Lack of a crumb tray may make it difficult to clean

  • Front heavy design means it can be prone to tipping forward

  • Wire shelf is very tight fitting, so may be awkward to remove

Netta Electric 45L with Double Hotplate (Best with Hotplates)

The best mini oven with hob features is the Netta Electric 45L with a Double Hotplate. This all-in-one cooking unit allows you to cook just about anything. It is also an excellent substitute for a full stand-alone cooker with an integrated hob, saving you space and energy.

With its extra-large 45L capacity, this mini oven can accommodate a wide range of foods and casserole dishes, giving you the opportunity to cook for several persons at once. There are five built-in shelf heights, so you can divide your cooking space to suit your needs.

This mini oven is rated 1500W and has a convection heating action for even, rapid cooking. The two hot plates provide 600W and 800W of power respectively. This allows you to cook just as you would with a built-in oven, with shorter preheat times and greater energy savings. The double-glazed heat-resistant glass door helps to make your oven more efficient to run.

The temperature can be set as high as 230 degrees C and, thanks to the long 120-minute timer, this model is more suited to cooking longer dishes, such as casseroles and roasting meat joints. Complete with a grill rack and baking tray, if you are looking for a highly versatile best mini oven with hob hot plates, the 45L Netta mini oven makes an excellent choice.

However, bear in mind that the power cord is not very long, so you’ll need a nearby socket. Also, the casing gets very hot. Plus, you cannot independently control the temperature of the hobs and oven – it’s one temperature for all.


  • Extra-large 45L capacity

  • 1500W oven with 600W and 800W double hot plate hob

  • 120-minute timer

  • Five shelf heights and grill rack

  • Double-glazed heat-resistant door


  • Power cable could be a little longer

  • Casing can become very hot

  • Cannot independently control hob temperature, which may limit cooking options

Netta 18L Table Top Electric Grill (Best Portable)

Weighing just 6kg, this 18L model by Netta is our best portable mini oven and grill pick. Whether you need a portable model to take to work, or a mini oven for your caravan or holiday home, it makes a good, lightweight choice.

Bake, grill, toast or roast, this mini oven’s 18L capacity is enough to cook for one person or a couple. Thanks to its convection action, you get all-around even heat for consistent results. Complete with three shelf heights, you can accommodate a wide variety of dishes for more cooking options. It is also an excellent mini oven for cooking snacks and reheating meals, being much more energy-efficient to use than heating up a standard-sized oven.

Rated 1200W, this mini oven heats up really quickly. You can choose between upper or lower heating or both levels combined. Set your temperature via the dedicated dial between 100-230 degrees C, allowing you to slow cook, as well as fast, high heat crisping. Unlike many other models, this mini oven comes with a long 120-minute timer.

With its stylish black and silver exterior, the compact design will complement any style of decor. It also benefits from very wide, stable rubber feet to help keep it securely placed. A good, highly practical choice for cooking and the best table top oven wherever space is at a premium.

Unfortunately, removing food from this mini oven is a little tricky as the protrusions that hold the shelf in place only exist at the front and back. Pulling out your shelf halfway may risk falling. Also, the power cord is fairly short and the door gets very hot during use.


  • Compact mini oven with 18L capacity

  • 1200W power

  • Weighs just 6kg

  • 120-minute timer

  • Heats up to 230°C


  • The oven door can become very hot

  • Short power cable may limit placement

  • The shelf may easily fall if pulled out too far

Koolla 35L 1700W

With its generous 35L capacity, the Koolla mini oven is a good replacement for a standard built-in oven. It is one of the best mini ovens for small kitchens or if you need a tabletop oven for use in studios, student accommodation and caravans.

With 1700W of power and four adjustable shelf heights, this mini oven and grill can be used to cook a wide variety of dishes with ease – from casseroles to roasts, cakes, bread and pizzas. It features a smart oven pro convection heating setting, as well as a warm air setting, ideal for keeping your food warm while you set the table. The four heating elements ensure that you get even cooking results and consistent temperatures.

Unlike most other mini ovens, with this model, you can independently set the upper and lower heating element temperature, from 70 up to 230 degrees C. This gives you more control over the cooking process and allows you to adjust your temperatures to suit each specific dish that you cook.

Other great product features include a 120-minute timer, so you won’t need to reset it for longer cooking times, a double-layer glass door, interior light and secure rubber feet. With its black and silver casing, this mini oven is discreet as well as good looking. It comes complete with dishwasher-safe accessories that are easy to clean – namely a baking tray, a wire rack, and a tray handle.

This oven does take a while to reach its highest temperature and the included instructions are fairly limited. As it tends to get very hot underneath, be careful where you place it to avoid any potential heat damage or invest in a heatproof mat.


  • Generous 35-litre capacity oven

  • 1700W power

  • Four shelf heights

  • 120-minute timer

  • Dishwasher-safe accessories


  • Some users may find the instructions are limited

  • Can take a while to reach higher temperatures

  • Gets very hot underneath, so a heatproof mat may be advisable

Lakeland Digital Multifunctional

The Lakeland Digital Multifunctional mini oven is one of the best high-performance models that are exceptionally easy to use. It makes an excellent alternative for a standard oven, wherever you’re tight on space or need a tabletop option.

With this mini oven’s 31L capacity and powerful 1800W, you can cook many different types of food, including a whole chicken, a 12” pizza or a casserole. Whether you want to roast, grill or bake, this handy compact oven can do it all. It also benefits from convection cooking, simply activate the fan with the touch of a button or use the rotisserie function for your weekend roast chicken.

This multifunction smart oven has eight cooking modes including top grill cooking, bottom grill, top oven cooking, bottom oven or both. You can also choose from a yoghurt function that keeps temperatures low for delicious home-made yoghurts, a keep warm mode or a custom mode that you can configure yourself.

Use the integrated timer to ensure your oven stops cooking after a set duration. Both the timer and dual temperature dials feature easy-to-read digital displays. This allows you to see at a glance how hot your mini oven is, as well as how much time you have remaining.

With its durable stainless steel construction, this mini oven really looks the part. It also features an internal light and comes complete with a baking tray, a wire rack and tong, a rotisserie fixture and handle, plus a crumb tray.

On the downside, the shelf supports do not run for the entire width which can mean a risk of your shelf toppling if it is only pulled out halfway. Also, there is only one shelf supplied and there is an additional power switch located on the rear of the mini oven which is not mentioned in the product literature.


  • 8 cooking functions

  • Rotisserie, yoghurt, and fan assisted functions

  • Powerful 1800W electric mini oven

  • Stainless steel construction

  • Digital time and temperature displays


  • Shelf supports are not continuous, so shelves may tip

  • Rear power switch may cause confusion

  • Only one shelf included that could limit your cooking choices

TurboTronic TT-EV45

If you are looking for the best table top oven with enough capacity to cook for a family, then take a look at the 45L TurboTronic, the largest model in our mini oven reviews. Matching the versatility and functionality of a full-sized oven, but on your worktop, this compact model can accommodate large portions and two-shelf cooking.

Thanks to its 45-litre oven capacity and choice of cooking functions, you can cook pizzas, casseroles and tray bakes, just like you would in a regular oven. Also, thanks to its rotisserie function, this mini oven makes roast chicken and other meats taste even better. Choose convection oven mode for general cooking and baking, rotisserie for roasting joints or birds, or opt for convection fan plus rotisserie and roast your meat with an accompanying side dish for a succulent, hearty lunch or dinner.

With its 2000W, this powerful compact tabletop oven is more than capable of taking on any cooking recipe. Thanks to its 100-230 degree C choice of temperature, you can create just about anything in it. It is also very easy to use, simply adjust the dials for your function, temperature and timer, then you’re ready to go.

Made from alloy steel with a black exterior, this mini oven comes complete with one wire tray, one rotisserie attachment and two baking trays. The interior light is automatically activated as soon as you turn on the timer. Powerful, with a large internal capacity, if you need a mini oven that can easily replace a standard-sized model, this is the one to go for.

Unfortunately, this mini oven does not have a straight door handle and there is no crumb catch tray provided, although you can make sure you always use both trays. As this unit is front-heavy, caution is needed when removing food to ensure no tipping occurs.


  • Powerful 2,000W mini oven

  • Large 45-litre capacity

  • 100-230°C range of temperature

  • 60-minute timer

  • Rotisserie and fan assisted function


  • The oven door handle is not straight, so it can look out of place

  • No crumb catch tray may make less easy to clean

  • Front-heavy design could present a risk of tipping

How to Choose the Best Mini Oven

To make sure that you choose the right mini oven for your cooking needs, here’s our buying guide with a list of essential features that you’ll have to take into account.


Your new mini oven’s capacity is one of the most important product features to consider, so make sure to check that it’s the right size for you.

If you’ve not had much experience with mini ovens before, then it can be a little tricky to figure out what size of mini oven is suitable. If in doubt, find out the internal dimensions and draw yourself a rectangle. This will give you a good idea of exactly what you’ll be able to fit inside.

Mini oven capacity is measured in litres. Smaller, compact design versions will only have one shelf, whereas some of the larger mini ovens have two, allowing you to cook on two levels simultaneously. Small 9L mini ovens are only suitable for single servings, with 18L, 21L and 23L mini ovens being sufficient for one to two persons. Larger 35L and 45L mini ovens can accommodate family-sized meals and two shelf cooking.

You should also consider your kitchen space and existing cookware dimensions and what you tend to regularly oven cook before making your final decision. Even if you want your mini oven to use in tandem with an existing standard oven, if you can’t accommodate the dishes you want to cook in it, then it’s not going to be worth it. If in doubt, go one size up, unless space is an issue.

Power Level

The higher the wattage of your tabletop oven, the more powerful it will offer for faster heat-up times and greater consistency. However, higher wattages also mean they use more power. So if you are looking for a mini oven for your caravan or to save money on energy bills, you may want to look out for smaller mini ovens with lower power ratings.

Temperature Range

The best mini ovens have a similar temperature range starting from around 70-100°C and going up to approximately 230°C. This is on a par with your average standard home oven, enabling you to cook almost any oven dish that you desire.

Bear in mind that not all mini ovens are extremely accurate in terms of temperature, so you’ll probably need to have a few practise runs before you work out exactly what works best with yours. While most models only have one temperature dial, some more advanced products allow you to control the upper and lower element temperature independently for greater control.

Cooking Functions

Basic mini ovens will have a top and bottom element that can be used independently or simultaneously. Other more advanced models will also have a convection fan for convection cooking, which results in even temperatures and a faster cook time.

Some mini ovens also have a very convenient rotisserie cooking function. It’s a quick and easy method to create delicious rotisserie chicken at home. You may also see keep warm programs, as well as customisable settings.

You may want to invest in a mini oven with grill, this can be a nice and quick way to an early morning bacon sandwich without having to turn on your full-sized oven. If you don’t have a kitchen at the moment, the best option may be to go for mini ovens with hobs in order to be able to cook a full range of dishes and sides.


Thankfully, the best mini ovens are very easy to use and fairly intuitive. Most models use dials to set the function, temperature, and a 60-minute timer. More advanced products have LCD screens displaying your program and temperature or time remaining. However, while some people find this to be very useful, this doesn’t really enhance the actual cooking process.


As table top ovens come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, it’s important to check what exactly comes with your new mini oven and if any replacements or additions are available.

Most small ovens include a baking tray and wire rack shelf. Larger ovens may have two baking trays and any version with a rotisserie function should come with the appropriate rotisserie fittings.

What Can You Cook in a Mini Oven?

Wondering what you can cook in the best mini ovens? The answer is pretty much anything that you can cook in a standard oven – dimensions and any special functions allowing, such as a grill or hob for example.

Here are some of the most popular dishes that are frequently cooked in mini ovens:


Counter top mini ovens are perfect for hot snacks, thanks to their small dimensions and fast heat-up times. From toasted sandwiches to cheese on toast, bagels, chicken wings, mini pizzas – mini ovens are the undisputed hot snack champion cooker.


Right at the other end of the food scale, you can also use mini cooker ovens to roast meat. It all depends on the size, you obviously won’t get a whole leg of lamb in a tiny one. But you can easily roast smaller joints. Or, if you opt for one with a rotisserie function, you can enjoy delicious evenly roasted meats and whole birds.


If you have the right cookware, mini ovens are a great way to cook your casseroles. Look for mini ovens with long timers and set yours to low and cook for a couple of hours until tender.


Home-baked bread, cupcakes, cookies, biscuits – if you can cook it in a standard oven, it can go in your mini oven. Of course, if you are baking a huge batch of cookies, you may need to put your mini oven on several times. However, they do make a great choice for all types of home baking.


Jacket potatoes, roast potatoes, broccoli gratin, any oven-baked sides are good to go in your mini oven. If you have chosen a mini oven with hob, you can also cook pasta, rice, couscous, or even boiled potatoes.


Use your mini oven with grill functions to brown your gratins or creme brulees. It is also good for tasty bacon, fish, crisping up your dishes or adding flavour and colour.

Frying & Boiling

If you have gone for one of the best mini ovens with hobs, you can create tasty stir-frys, boil eggs, make pasta dishes, fry breakfasts, pancakes and noodles – the list is endless.


With so many excellent mini ovens to choose from, you may find it difficult to make up your mind. If you are looking for a versatile all-rounder with a space-saving design, then we recommend our overall favourite and editor’s choice – the Tower T14043. It is the best mini oven out of all of our reviews.

With its 23L capacity, it can accommodate a wide range of food types, including a 12” pizza or a small whole roast chicken. Boasting 1300W power, it’s perfect for all of your baking, grilling, toasting and roasting needs. Easy to use, thanks to its fuss-free simple design, this durable mini oven is our top pick.